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Top Ten Reasons To Train Your Bartenders To Do Flair

Bar Managers & Owners
Top 10 Reasons to Train your Bartenders to be
Flair Bartenders.
What is “Flair Bartending”?
Whether it’s called Extreme, Flair, or Performance, this style of bartending can be described as making & serving a drink in a stylish and interesting way. Ie. The Throwing and spinning of bottles, glasses, shaker tins, & everything not nailed down behind the bar.
What is “Working Flair Bartending”
Entertaining your customers without slowing down or spilling alcohol! A few moves here & there, is a good balance. A little bit goes a long way.
1) Money!!! Money!!! Money!!-
Flair bartending is a valuable “Business Tool” and if used properly, will make the bar and the bartender WAY more money in sales and in tips.  All these reasons below come down to the “Bottom Line” of your business.
Why? Bars are supposed to be fun!! Flair bartenders create a fun zone around them and fun is highly contagious :)
2) If you don’t entertain your customers…someone else will!
Give customers a reason to come to your bar instead of going to your
competition. Bars all serve the same products. The atmosphere you create and the service you give is what’s going to determine your success or failure.
3) Raise the standards of your Customer Service-        
Improving the “Guest Experience” is what it’s all about. People want to forget about their lives for awhile.
4) Increases Interaction Between Customers and Staff-
Helps create relationships and “Guests” instead of just Customers. It’s just plain fun and everyone like to play. Flair bartenders don’t feel like their working
 “I don’t work here, I just play until they tell me to go home.” - Scott Young
5) Customers will Stay Longer-
Everyone likes to be entertained. Now that there is something interesting going on, there’s a reason to stay.
6) Customers Spend More Money-
Now that they’re around longer they will have an avg. of 1-2 more drinks. How is  that going to affect your nightly sales?
7) Flair Bartenders make more Tips-
Customers appreciate the extra effort and thank them for it.
         Why should you be concerned about this? A happy bar staff is a staff that…
A) Puts more effort into their job- A better all around employee
B) Doesn’t Steal- Employee theft is a huge problem in this industry
C) Doesn’t Quit- A long time employee is more valuable to you
8) Word of mouth Advertising- Gives customers a reason to keep coming back
A satisfied customer will tell all their friends about what a great time they had. It’s well established that this is the most valuable promotional tool you have.
9) Staff Training Works and is always good business.
The most successful companies in the world have a plan and they work that plan. A training program helps everyone work together to achieve the same goal.
10) Flair bartenders are DEDICATED AND PASSIONATE about their jobs.
Your staff will practice on their own time and “Go the Extra Mile” to become better employees so that everyone makes more money.
Flair Bartending creates a real “Team Spirit” in your staff. When your staff is playing together, your guests will want to join in the fun.
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Scott Young, President and Head Instructor Bar Smart Inc.