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All bartenders are not created equal.
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Get the best flair bartender training from the best teachers around!

Our bartender training is fun and interactive. We believe multi-layered, supportive instruction with hands on experience creates a comfortable learning environment and gets better results. We don’t just stand at the front of a room talking at you for 2 or 3 days. Everyone is encouraged to get involved. Our flair bartender training seminars are carefuly planned and use proven teaching techniques.

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Extreme Bartending ™ seminars and courses are laid out as follows:

1) Instructor presents ideas, experiences & beliefs in a reasonable way
2) Open & honest discussions on all topics are encouraged
3) Printed material – 80 page manual
4) Students are encouraged to take notes in their own words
6) Step by step flair bartending instruction beginning at the beginning
5) Demonstrations by instructor - as many times as it takes
6) Hands on practicing by students as instructor helps them learn individually
7) Demonstrations by students in front of the class on what they’ve learned
8) Use of Video/DVD footage to showcase different situations
9) Extra practice (after class)  for students who excel or need more help

 As part of our bartender training courses, we provide the following materials:

We bring all the bartender training equipment needed. Students who wish to purchase the flair bartending starter kit (Plastic Flair Bartending Practice Bottle, Shaker Tin & Plastic Rocks glass) will be given a discount price, as well as 50% off any of our other Learn to Flair Bartending DVD’S (such as the Working Flair Bartender Starter Series). Take them home and continue to learn and practice flair bartending skills after we’ve left.

We’re in this business for the long run. Our most important rule is that our instructors go “above and beyond“ at every opportunity. We regularly stay for hours after the organized bartending training seminar with students who want to keep practicing or asking questions. We want every student to walk away talking about what a great experience it was and to have the necessary ideas and skills so everyone can make more money.

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Clients Are Saying About Our Seminars

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