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Hello !
My Name is Martin and I`m from Germany.
This is the second time that i ordered videos from
your extrem bartending series.

I got a very good trainig with the working flair series
and now i really enjoy to start with the competition
flair series, in order to become one of the best flair-bartenders here in europe.. :-)

I really was pleased very much to get the videos today allready. It`s just five or six days ago, that i send the order. That`s really fast, from Canada to Germany. I just want to say thank you so far !!
      -- Martin Simon ( Germany )
Thanks Scott for the prompt reply. Your seminar dvd tapes really helped me to gain the confidence to let my personality shine. Today I was getting tips larger than the entire tab! Thanks to all!
      -- Adam M.
Dear Scott,
When we were researching adding Flair bartending to our lounge, we called one of our dear friends, Patrick Henry(www.phcp.com)for a recommendation. He told us that there was only one person that could fill our expectations for the industry's best flair bartending teacher, and of course he sent us to you.

You are bright, enthusiastic, energetic and were able to share all those things with our staff along with your ideas, great training dvd's and attention to detail that will benefit both ourselves as owners and our employees.

You are an excellent teacher, who only after two days, have 12 students that admire your style, along with the hopes they they too will have some of the same finesse that you display. Your positive can-do attitude is a model for every person in the industry.

We look forward to continuing your program, along with giving you an update on everyone s progress.
Thank you again for sharing yourself and your knowledge.
Kindest regards,
      -- Bob And Shelly Sikora ( Phoenix )
Dear Scott Young,
Thank you so much for coming to our Entreprenuership 12 class. Your presentation was really well done because you kept it interesting and showed a cool dvd. Instead of talking the whole time, you let us ask questions on the fly and interact with you-good call! I can honestly say i was paying attention the whole time.

I really enjoyed the fact that you love what you do so much. It s cool to see someone who actually likes their job for a change. If i learned one thing from your presentation it would be to make sure I wake up every morning wanting to accomplish something and not waste my days. Also, I m definitely going to make sure i pursue a job that I truly love.
      -- Molly ( Vancouver )
Hello Scott,
I personally would like to thank you for everything. Speaking for myself, I had a great time and learned alot. I know the videos are going to help but having the live demonstration was just icing on the cake.

Everyone is still talking about the class and how well they enjoyed it. I believe you have converted alot of them. I will let you know next Thursday how your students did. Scott, I hope you re feeling better and your trip down here didn t mess up your golf. have a great time at the Music Festival. Karen, thanks for having a great son. Looking forward to seeing all of you again at the next Bar & Nightclub Expo.
Flora-Bama Lounge
      -- Bruce Kelly ( Pensacola, Florida )

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