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Thanks Scott for the prompt reply. Your seminar dvd tapes really helped me to gain the confidence to let my personality shine. Today I was getting tips larger than the entire tab! Thanks to all!
      -- Adam M.
I wanna say thanks for making the video´s ( dvd's ). I life in Amsterdam and they almost got nothing on flair bartending. So i order the total flair and training every day a few hours. I love it. You say you were hooked the first time you trew bottles, but so am I. This is a other part of the bartender bussiness you almost can´t find in amsterdam. it is growing but very slowely.
Thanks for every thing
      -- Joshua ( Amsterdam )
I am 25 years old and have only been bartending a little less then a year. I have competed in only two bar competitions and placed first in the first one and second in the regional one.

I have your set of four training dvd/videos that I purchased and have gained much confidence in watching them. I used all of the moves in the videos and even some of my own moves at work.
      -- James Troutman ( Pennsylvainia )
Thanks for mailing that info, I look forward to recieving and then passing on the goods. Oh and by the way, the video...nothing short of excellent.

This video is ideal for everyone. The format is perfect for anyone that has a bar or sells drinks. From the bartender to the bar owner, you show the importance of what eXtreme bartending is all about-profit!
I work as a bartender for Red Lobster currently, and even an upscale restaraunt such as this one can benifit from your video. My managers were eXtremely impressed by the format and are going to include your videos in their training series for new bar employees.
      -- Jeremy Thomas
Dear Scott,
The 1st annual Bartending X-treme Olympics were a RESOUNDING Success! We had participants from all over Victoria, representing all the major Clubs & Pubs. We are the # 1 Night Club in the city, now we have the # 1 bartenders to back it up!

The benefits of putting on this kind of show were numerous,so I thought listing them would be the quickest format ( what a lovely option to choose from .
1) Standing room only at 10:20 pm
2) Line up at 11:00
3) Eight bar Records were broken that night
A) Waitress sales
B) Monday Night total Sales
C) no unwanted disturbances ( my favorite )
D) Customer overall happiness
E) Bartenders personal take home $$$ ( Six bartenders in all )
F) Bartenders quantity percentage
G) door staff gratuities
H) The owners Smile!
4) Over $1,100 raised for charity
5) Sponsor recognition (seven in all),especially when you made
it 10 points to use their products in your show. The contestants
got really creative and the crowd loved it.
6) Three TV segments, features with interviews!!
7) The Busiest Monday night the Club has ever seen since it s conception.
8) A larger more general awareness of the format that the club has to offer both musically and more important, Bartenders Style & Attitude !.
9) An overall promotion of fun!!

When I asked the crowd Would you come back for another event like this? the roof almost came off the place.
The competition for me was an amazing challenge and with your help we pulled it off. Would i do it again?...If the extremebartending.com organization will lend me their format,and only if the talent and support is there as a catalyst!! In a nut shell...YES YES YES YES!! We will do it again!!
Thanks again
Life Rocks!!
      -- W.dale Mallock & Uforia Staff

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