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I received the second set of dvds and they work much better. :-)

I admire the way you viewed a complaining customer as an opportunity to impress them with a speedy response, excellent no-hassle solution, and to build a personal rapport. This is the key to running any successful customer-dependant public-facing business.

Also, the first dvd is great. I have already learned 2 awesome sequences from the simple moves in Vol 1. You guys have clearly put a lot of thought into how to teach simple moves that can be built up into complex routines. And the informal humor littered throughout, though not deliberate, makes it really fun to watch!
      -- Joel Brand ( California )
hi, its brian from ireland.
i just wanted to tell you that i got the dvd in the post the other day ,and i must admit i was very pleased with it , a excellent dvd and an excellent company.

i would have no hesitation buying from you again, and i am looking through the site as we speak , i will probaly order something for christmass, i told all my friends about it to and they were very impresst. must go and practice my moves.
thank you
      -- Brian ( Ireland )
I just saw your Working flair dvds Vol1-5 in one sitting. Magnificent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      -- Khole Muir ( Australia )
I would like to give Scott and his whole crew the biggest thanks there is for the dvd programs he provides. has it helped me with my career, Boy has it!

I ve been offered jobs around the world and i ve never entered a single comp. i have been doing the extereme thang for two years and still have a unfading love of the game. i ve had at least (no word of a lie) a hundred people, bar managers, bartenders and people just wanting to get in to the industry ask me to train them but only taught one guy the rest i told to log on to extremebartending.com, your welcome.

i ve worked in four night clubs including some real big money makers but i wanted to see if this could really boost business for a bar so i quit working for a really sucsessful outfit where i was working for two night clubs in the same town and went to work in the next town over i ve helped take a club that was stuggling to stay open making about $16,000. a month and in two months i ve helped increase sales dramatically to $40,000 plus it helps being i nice guy mind you.

woo hoo it s time to go to work. ladies and gents a toast too good times and may the world some day find peace all over.
forever a fan forever.
      -- Extreme Boy Wonder
Hi Scott!
Thanks for making your way to Red Deer and teaching such an interactive, upbeat course! The student comments were all extremely positive; we were all very impressed with the format, dvd's, the practice time, your patience, and all the added topics revolving around success in the bar industry.

It was a real bonus to have you come out personally to teach us...I wanted to ask about the booklets on Setting up Your Bar to be Extreme , and The Extreme Bartending Implementation Program . If you could send me copies of these to the address above, I would be most appreciative. Thanks, again, Scott!
      -- Brenda Hodgins ( Red Deer, Alberta )

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