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Hey there,
I ve recently purchased all the Bar Smart training videos and competition highlights and have really expanded the number of moves I am able to perform, so thank you very much for that.
I am following the rule (for beginners), don t flip alcohol.
      -- Jason Brasher ( Winnepeg, Manitoba )
Dear Scott,
Now that the dust has settled I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your participation in the first Canadian Bar & Beverage Conference and Expo.

Our post event survey has told us a number of things among which was the view that your seminar offered a high quality of information as well as a very personable presentation.

Once again, please accept our thanks.
Bar & Beverage Business Magazine
      -- Kelly Gray ( Winnipeg )
Greetings from Finland!
I got my flair bartender training video series on dvd a week ago and I have to
say that I am very pleased with them. They show lots of
good moves and tricks.

The moves are very useful and I can use them when I am working although here in Finland is very strickt alcohol law. For example, no free pouring. Anyway keep up the good work and special thanks to Mark Mital for his outstanding trainers skills.
      -- Timo Makela ( Finland )
Did a party in NYC with 700 people and I was one of four bartenders. Well, ya know the part about don t practice at work? Well, the night before I was practicing at home, keeping the dog up all night as the shaker tin was dropping on the kitchen floor. So......
I have violated rule one on your flair dvd's.....practiced at work and tried some tricks and when I was feeling good and cocky........result, one broken shaker pint glass, but no lawsuits from customers.....
NOW FOR THE GOOD PART...... Dude!!!!!!!!!!!!

How awesome when people were cheering and clapping at my bar as I nailed some of the easy tricks in the first and second videos!! And when I did miss, I just kept on going like I didn t and no one noticed or even cared anyway.

We, me and my customers, were having a blast!!! MADE a shaker of cosmos, poured them by splitting the shaker horizontally, and then set down the glass, and then flipped the tin in the air for 2-3 rotations, and........... some guy started clapping, and threw something in my tip pitcher....

How F$$KIN psyched was Big Al at that moment in time!!!!!
(grabbed it and put it in my pocket right away)

Wow....I am still flyin, and the manager of the party said I was the best bartender on staff. (hey, I know best of four isn t hard, but one dude has been bartending for over 16 years; me depending on what bar you own, the same amount of time, but I can tell you guys I poured my first drink on August 28th of this year, less than three months ago!!!!) This business is definately not the the wet rags and bump on logs of the world......WOW! I am still psyched!!!

I even had some rich woman come up to me, take my number and said she was gonna hire me for her private parties!!(bartending only)....

I can t make this stuff up.....Scott, thank you so much, the other info out there on the net or at schools just sucks compared to your videos. I borrowed them from a friend, but now I will probably buy my own copies with the $293 tip money I made in just four hours!!!!

Scott, I hope to meet you and all your staff one day.....Smilin Ryan, BJ and that other dude who jumps around behind the bar with the shaker in his hand......COOL, I gotta try that next time!!!!!!
Thanks Again...
from the Bronx, NYC
      -- Big Al ( New York )
Dear Scott,
Thank you for all your support and contribution in making the special Events Exhibition a great success! the responses to your seminar have been absolutely fabulous!
Best wishes in all your future endeavors and thank you again for your time and effort.
      -- Cidy Lemaire ( Vancouver )

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