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Hey there,
I ve recently purchased all the Bar Smart training videos and competition highlights and have really expanded the number of moves I am able to perform, so thank you very much for that.
I am following the rule (for beginners), don t flip alcohol.
      -- Jason Brasher ( Winnepeg, Manitoba )
I want to thank you for putting on a great training for our bartender staff. The passion that you brought both during and after the seminar is something that we will all remember for a very long time. You are the talk of Barmuda!

I appreciate the extra time that you spent with staff and myself sharing your thoughts, ideas and experiences & dvd's. This was definitely above and beyond what we paid you to do. Although your time in Iowa was short your memory will be here for a very long time.

It is my belief that your expertise will help our company grow and prosper and truly be a unique destination for Cedar Falls. What you taught will be something that will be used throughout their lives no matter what career they choose.

You bring an energy with you be it in a group setting or one on one that is truly amazing. I think you could see how much you inspired Kyle and that will just make my job easier…again thank you. I hope that you enjoyed your time here as much as we did.
I wish you the continued success in your endeavors.

Vice President of Operations
      -- Marge Hirdler ( Iowa )
Dear Scott,
Thanks for giving my bartenders a vision of what they can accomplish if they want to. Loved the dvd's too.
Hard rock Cafe
      -- Hanna ( Denmark )
I really need your bartender dvd s. You are just excellent guys. Keep on doing well. Thank you for your co-operation.
      -- Spase Nelkovski ( Croatia )
Hi Scott
The dvd is just arrived.Very fast and complete.(thank you for the stickers,they will put on good places)That would be a good business-world,when every company would work like extremebartending.

Well,after a first ,fast look of the dvd,i think there is waiting a lot of work,but with the motivation of you and your team i think it will be a funny work.My goal is (when all goes round)the martini-bacardi cup in switzerland next jear.The competitive here in switzerland is not so big.I saw the winner(it is allways the same,and his show looks not very good)on movie.with good training and when i have a brass neck,it is possible.but one at a time,one by one. So,have a good time and you will here from me...
after the phone call, i thought:
That was really Scott Young?THE Sott Young?Unbelievable!

      -- Patrick ( Switzerland )

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