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I just received your Extreme Bartending video series and I have to say that they are definitely motivating me and the other bartenders to do our jobs with style. I hope to talk to the management team here and convince them to bring the seminars over here.
      -- Navin
eXtreme professionalism! Although I couldn t find this heading, this is the service I have received. I recently placed an order for video #2, but to my disappointment I recieved video #1. When I realized I recieved the wrong video, I called your office. I was basically trying to express my disappointment and I never thought anything would come of my call. I mean hey, I m just this small town bartender in Kansas, why should you care?

To my disbelief, I recieved a call from Scott Young himself appoligizing for the mistake. To me that is what a professional is.

I am currently working on my masters degree in business/sports nutrition and I have found that most individuals in the business sector have forgotten that the consumer provides them a market.

When I recieved your call, I realized you truely care about this profession and your work. I will never do business with another company in this field even If I could save a dollar or two on a product, because I truely believe you cannot pay to much for good service.

I am currently begining my bartending career at a local restaraunt in town and have strongly advised adding this exciting video series to their boring training series. They too were equally impressed by the quality and content of the video series and I expect they will be ordering your entire series for immediate implementation.
      -- Jeremy Thomas ( Kansas )
Dear Karen:
Thank you for your reply and for trying to call me. As a matter of fact the other day Scott called to tell me about the training being held in the 2005. And I was almost speechless, I thought he is very down to earth even though he is famous and succesfull. Now that is what I call commitment!!!

I Once again I want to thank you and the team of Extreme Bartending for a wonderful job.
      -- Raul Barreto ( Vancouver & Mexico )
Hey all! I would just like to give a shout out to Scott Young, Dave and the ExtremeBartending Company! About 6 months ago i saw an old friend at a house party throwin a couple bottles, mostly just doin a simple stall. This old friend was Dave (Intructor for extremebartending.com). I talked to him about what hell he was doin and that night i just started to try and throw anything around and i mean anything!
I started goin to the local pub here in Kelowna, McCulloch Station Pub, and just sat there at the bar, had a few, and watch Dave serve it with some style. I ve always wanted to get into the service industry and just talkin to Dave got me so fired up i decided right there that i wanted to bartend. I talked to dave some more about it and he told me about your seminar that was comin to Kelowna soon. I signed in that night......I was a little done but i thought about int he morning and knew i wanted to get into this style of service.

The two day seminar that Scott and the instructors put on is amazing, even if i never went behind a bar or took up any type of job in the service industry this seminar was worth every penny and is worth far more to me than just an experiance. Its changed how I go about my regular day to day life. Just wanna give a huge thanks to you Scott, keep on inspiring the uninspired.
Once i finished the seminar i decided i wanted to work the same pub as Dave. I started to get to know everyone there, the owners, the kitchen, the waitresses, the bartenders (some bald guy) and the regulars.

I followed your HOw To Get a JOb video and i started there about 2 months ago portering with dave and im lovin every miniute of it.
Thanks Scott and Dave and Extremebartending.com, couldn t have done any of this with out you guys!........Serve It With Style!!!!
      -- Tyler ( Kelowna )
dear sirs:
hi! my name is paul bottini, and i m an extreme bartender working in the los angeles, california area. i seem to be a bit of a commodity, as l.a. isn t a hotbed for flair/cocktail.

i have admired, and studied many of the moves of your instructors on your bartending dvd; i.e. scott young, michael oleson, ryan boyd, b.j. checko and ian sutherland.

first off, i would like to thank you all for your contributions to this great sport, and wish to praise you all for your accomplishments. gracias, guys! you ve all been tremendous inspiration, to say the least.

your comprehensive contributions to this sport have been
immeasurable, and i iterate your praises to patrons and barstaff, alike, at every opportunity. take care!

      -- Paul Bottini ( L.os Angeles, California )

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