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Greetings Scott, Dave & Co,

I actually should have sent this response a month ago. I hope you all did not think I have forgotten about the lovely training you guys administered to us some weeks ago.

First I want to say thanks to Mr. Dixon for thinking that this would work well in our establishment. It was an absolute success as far as flair bartending are concern. If we can get our staff to learn this and keep it up, we will not only “WOW” our guest, but we will set ourselves a mile ahead of our competitors.

All participants had a great time and were impressed with easy to learn techniques, especially the team practices that look so great when done together. Though we could have used a couple more days with the “A TEAM” presenters, the videos chipped in nicely with easy to catch moves that made us look like real entertainers behind the bars. Within a week, we had guests cheering for a few of our bartenders as they showed off their new skill.

The presenters were extremely knowledgeable about their stuff and were fun to work with over the 2 days. I have been to many bartender trainings, but this was by far the best one I’ve been to.

Presently, we are practicing new moves and are very excited about taking this new step. For sure this will be a long standing standard for Margaritaville Caribbean as our goal is to let this be an intricate part of our training and day to day activities.

Finally, I want to say thanks a million for your contribution to the entertainment and development of our organization. In our view, it was well worth it.

Please do not hesitate to send us new stuff as they arise.
Again, thanks for helping us to serve with style.

Much respect,

Anthony Hewie
Asst. General Manager
Margaritaville Ocho Rios, Jamaica

      -- Anthony Hewie ( Margaritaville, Ocho Rios, Jamaica )
Scott RE: Your 2 Week training at Our bar

What’s up? How are things going back home? Things aren't the same around here without you. Friday night I worked behind the big bar in the # 5 spot. I think I kicked ass there. I laid it all out on the table and went for it. I played the jump shot game and gave away a whole bag of chocolate kisses and got a few real ones in return.
I had blast and I know I couldn't have done it without you. I'm doing all I can to win that # 5 spot.
I'm not going to let anything slow me down, it just adds a little more challenge to the game which will drive me to work harder(and smarter) and I’ll excel that much quicker.

I practice 3 to 4 hours a day on my flipping and working flair bartending. I set up a bar at home and practice making drinks. Going from one move to the next is becoming more natural, where I don't have to think what to do next, it just flows.

I only spend about an hour a day practicing a new flair bartender move, I mostly concentrate on the basics and get those smooth and clean and then work up to flipping and get those snappy and clean.

I'll be ready for you to start showing me how to flip behind the head and shadow pass this fall when you come back. Thanks again for everything you did for me and training the staff at Baba Rum. Hope to hear from you soon.


Shane www.babarumclub.com
St. Robert

      -- Shane- St. Robert Mo
Dear Scott and Karen,

It's been a few weeks since our flair seminar and I wanted to drop you a line.

First of all, a huge thank you! The seminar was as informative as it was enjoyable and while I'm sure all of your instructors are great, having Scott do ours was an added bonus. My staff are a cast of characters and Scott was a model of patience. Furthermore, he embodies what I repeat to my staff all the time: positive thinking, positive results.

Has it helped? Absolutely, 100% yes! Every bartender who took the class has come back to me with stories of "I did this and this and the guy tipped me $xx!! on one drink!". For the ones who are newer to bartending, it opened their eyes to how much more there is and can be to bartending, and for the old timers it just made their job that much more fun (could it be any more?).

Each staff member has taken the foundation Scott gave them and started to make it their own, using what they're comfortable with and growing in their confidence. Individulized customer service is what we strive for and we've just pushed the bar (no pun intended) higher.

I've advised the owners that, as the staff changes in the future, that they should continue to hold these bartender seminars and make them mandatory.

Once again, from me and my staff, a huge, huge, Thank you!

Yours sincerely,

J. Albertelli
General Manager
Bigfoot Lodge, LA & SF
Little Cave
Lucky Tiki
Saints and Sinners

PS. Scott, the Tom Cruise suite is always here waiting for you. And you should have seen Jeffrey Dammit (the one who looks like Beelzebub) on 6/6/06 working at Saints and Sinners. He was completely painted red with horns superglued to his forehead and flairing like a rockstar. I was so proud.

PSS. Please feel free to use my letter on your website. I've already told my friend, Thomas, who's the bar manager at Velvet Margarita (in Hollywood and they're planning to open in Vegas as well) about you and the seminar, and he was really into it. He remembered seeing your booth at The Show and is a customer service fanatic like myself.

      -- J. Albertelli ( Los Angeles & San Francisco )
Buy the Video s and attend a seminar!! Yup.. this is the way to go, Scotty s vid s are step by step with slo-mo and repetitions.. within a week or two you ll be doing some pretty kewll moves.. don t believe me?

Trust me, they don t pay me to write this, I write it cause it s true, I can honestly say I have mastered most of the moves out there today, and I am always learning more! If you want to upgrade yourself and learn flair the proper way, don t waste your time or money on anything else, this will be the best investment you ever made!!
      -- Chris
Just to let you know that I am enjoying the seminar VIDEOS.
A lot of useful ideas in making my job more interesting and making customers happy.
Will keep coming back to your web site to see if there are any new products/videos.
Bartender, Hong Kong
      -- Joe Lee ( Hong Kong )

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