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I have been a flair bartender for almost 3 years now, I started when I was 17. I now work as a beverage manager at a R1 Billion casino in South Africa.

I recently purchased your videos on dvd and I am very impressed at the attitude and LOVE you guys have for bartending because I share that love.
There is nothing better than flairing bottles and pouring drinks. If I wanted to come across and join you guys to learn more. I have only turned 20 and I would like to do that before I am too old. You guys have got alot to offer and I would love to learn from you. I would just love the experience.

Many Thanks
      -- Douglas Hardres-williams ( South Africa )
Hey Scott,This is Tim, one of your students from your previous seminars( False Creed Yacht Club) Thanks so much for your seminar.

I believe I definately got my moneys worth. Last night I dropped by my work(ChinaBeach) for some drinks, but I ended up helping my friend bartend. HOLY SH*T! I was like a new bartender. I didn t even flip a bottle once and I noticed a HUGE difference.

I had so many customers come back to me along with some bills in the tips jar. Though I wasn t technically working, all those tips didn t go to me, but I didn t care at all.

I was too stoked on my new methods. By the way, I WILL get you back for the dvd/videos you are sending me. Please let me know exactly how much I owe(got the set of 4 flair videos) You re a great dude Scott and I m glad to have met you. Please get back to me.Your new apprentice of the force (you re definately yoda)
      -- Tim Garces
Just purchased your working flair dvd series of video s and I am really impressed. I was cautious about spending over $100 US for training videos but so far, these are the best tapes that I have watched. Sometimes you never know what your going to get, but you have really put together a nice package.
I am currently managing a new night club that we opened in Salem, Ohio USA. To keep our overhead lower, I decided help tend bar. I have bartended in the past, but not at a night club. The pace is fast and the people are demanding, but I think that it s a lot of fun. My sister (the owner) told me that I should get into the flair thing because I was having so much fun.

Since then (about 3 weeks ago) I have got bitten by the flair bug. I did not know that this was so huge. I love it. It s so true what you said, Serve it with style .
The best part is that were only open in the evenings and on weekends so I have plenty of time during the week to practice behind the bar and with real bottles. I do however wait till we empty them and then refill them with water, but it s great for practice. With the video purchase, I also bought 2 flair bottles to practice with at home.

I think that I m on my way into the wonderful world of flair. I hope to one day be able to meet you and thank you personally for your guidance. Scott, these lessons are awsome!
Thanks Scott,

      -- Jeff Evans ( Salem, Ohio )
First of all congratullations on your videos. I recently acquired the flair bartending dvd. And I absolutely love it. My question is are you currently imparting any training in vancouver? If so, I would like to know the dates for your next courses.
      -- Raul Barreto ( Vancouver )
My name is Chris and i'm in Australia. I have been interested in flair for a while and knew about extremebartending.com for a while. However, living in Australia i was a bit unsure about ordering a couple of dvd's online.

However, i contacted Scott and he was Incredibly helpful and was in contact via email very promptly. He put together a package of dvd's for me, and sent them across the world to me almost immediately.

I can not express how impressed i was with the videos and service provided by the guys at Extremebartending.com. I highly recommend ordering something (i constantly refer to my videos for reference and for tips on how to improve!).

A purchase that i recommend to ANYONE interested in flair bartending!!

      -- Chris ( Australia )

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