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To my Instructors, friends and new family
I want to say thank you for this past weekend you guys BLOW MY MIND!
I took this class cuz I was willing to make an investment in my self and my ability s.

I have to say I got my money worth with in the first three hours of the class before we even touched a bottle. I took my positon for granted as a bartender as do most of my coworkers. You guys shed a hole new look on bar tending and how I should look at it.

I came back from this trip SO EXCITED, we are basically training a hole new staff and every thing I learned this weekend(except bottle flipping) I want to pass on to them. There is so much that I cant teach them that would help them and the bar. I have already scheduled a meeting with my boss to talk about the stuff I learned and hot to incorporate it in to our bar.

Once again I want to say thank you, this weekend I feel like I really made a connection with all the extreme staff. On my way home I was in the airport and I talked to MOM for a half our will I was waiting. I have never taken a class where I have made that kinda coneton whit my instructors I fell like part of the extreme family.
Thank you
PS Expect phone calls for help and advice and reports on how I am doing
      -- Jd Katsoff ( Pennsylvainia )
After only the First Day of His seminar, Scott and the BarSmart staff taught me an entire new way of approaching my job. That night I went to work thinking of different ways I could make my customers happy.

I made almost $100 more in tips that night than ever before, and to this day have not had a night go anything but smooth.
Thanks Alot Guys
      -- Ron Bate
Hi all.This is Trevor(legends), that you taught on the 29&30 april 2001. i just wanted to thank you again for you time.

I was really impressed with the seminar. I have been practicing with the barstaff and we are trying to get everone together once a week to practice. i still hope to get behind the bar and work sometime soon (since i am still a busboy) but i am even applying the course to bussing, just clearing tables and running around with bottles and glasses. I noticed that you can even flare up removeing the glasses as well as the serving.

My attitude towards working has even improved, i enjoy getting out into the crowd to clear tabels alot more now. I just logged in to your site today for the first time today and am about to go look around some more, so thanks again.. and have fun.. i know i will
      -- Trevor Fraser ( Victoria )
Look no further. Extreme Bartending s training videos are the best and only tool you will need to start your staff flairing. The 5 set video series offers step by step training for the beginner all the way up to the advanced. It made something that looks impossible into something anyone can learn.
      -- Shawn Greco ( Toronto )
my boyfriend hawk went to your seminar class in vancouver last august. he is totally pumped to really practice more and we have found a few training items.

one is a serving tray. i checked a little but didn't find how much a roll of stickers was. (he wants to decorate the entire tray in those stickers) i'm pretty sure that he wants the "serve it with flair stickers", but i need to know how many-ish stickers are in a roll so he can find out if he needs more than one roll.

i am so happy that i have someone so passionate about a job that i want to help him any way i can :)


      -- Sheila ( Wisconsin )

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