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Hey guys,
I finally got your video/dvd series--it s awesome!!!!!!!!My name is Mike Strawley and i am totally into extreme bartending. Thankx for putting your style out there for people to see and learn.I ve been bartending for 10 years and have always been a little different-extreme bartending is my new way of expression.
Thanx again
      -- Mike Strawley ( Maryland )
My name is Chris and i'm in Australia. I have been interested in flair for a while and knew about extremebartending.com for a while. However, living in Australia i was a bit unsure about ordering a couple of dvd's online.

However, i contacted Scott and he was Incredibly helpful and was in contact via email very promptly. He put together a package of dvd's for me, and sent them across the world to me almost immediately.

I can not express how impressed i was with the videos and service provided by the guys at Extremebartending.com. I highly recommend ordering something (i constantly refer to my videos for reference and for tips on how to improve!).

A purchase that i recommend to ANYONE interested in flair!!
      -- Chris
Scott, Sorry it has taken so long for me to finally give you some feedback on the bartending class I attended this year at the Country Club in Augusta. Sold my restaurant and am heading back to Vegas for a while.

Anyway, as far as your flair bartending course goes... I was amazed at the whole course that your organization provided!!

Usually there are classes that you take that have a dull moment where students are dozing off or not paying attention, but not in your class. The hands on parts, the one on one instruction, the dvd/videos, and the teaming up of classmates and making them perform in front of the class is excellent.

And the bar managerial points that you bring up through out the class could be a class in its own. Hey, I owned a bar and I gained plenty of knowledge that I will use in the future!

Overall, I would recommend your course to any bar owner who is interested in bringing in flair bartending to their bar and to any bartender that wants to learn flair or improve on their flair skills.

The class was outstanding and I appreciate you letting me attend (and Lewis), I had a blast and still practice about 8 hours a week; I even built a practice area in my loft!! Poor neighbors!

One thing I would like to ask you. Is their any where in Vegas to get a little more training? I am headed out there in the next week and will be out there for a few months and would love to pick up on some new material.

Thanks again for everything, enjoyed hanging out and if I open a new place up, you WILL be getting a call for another training class!!

still flipping, Mike Guthrie

      -- Mike- Augusta, Georgia
Hey, Karen;
Thanks for the reply emails. Everything s cool; I got my order today. You guys are awesome, by the way, for replying to my emails so promptly (Scott called and left a message as well, which was cool; tell him thanks if you can).

Just for the record, your training videos are very good. I ve only seen a couple, but yours blow them away as far as quality of instruction goes. As far as my success is concerned, it s still a little early in my training for me to expect to even be considered a bona fide flair bartender. I purchased your working flair video series about a month ago and have been practicing daily since. For the first three weeks, it seemed as though I was able to incorporate a new move or two every time I went to work; now, however, as the tricks become a bit harder/riskier, it s been taking a little longer before I trust myself enough to unleash any new tricks behind the bar (I still don t mess with full drink tricks at work yet). I m figuring that I should be at least decent after another year.

I have, however, experienced what I consider to be a direct result of my flair training with your series, and that is my energy level behind the bar. In the past, I have always had a pretty high energy behind the bar, but recently (more specifically, since I ve been learning your material) my energy is insane.

Almost everyday I work people make comments like, hey, here s a guy who hates his job, or can I have whatever you re on? This sounds corny as all hell, but Scott s totally right: it s not so much the actual tricks or moves, it s the fact that people can just feel that you re having a lot of fun, and they like it.

Anyway, I could go on for pages about how much you guys rule, but I just wanted to send you a reply email to say thanks for handling your business in a caring fashion and thanks for the dvd s.
Oh yeah, as of yet, I m the only bartender at my restaurant (Mon Ami Gabi in the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas) dabbling in flair, but I m working on getting a couple others involved. And, just for the record, I tell everybody who asks me anything about flair, or bartending in general, to go to extremebartending.com.

Well, thanks again. At some point in the near future, I ll be purchasing your teamwork/tandem dvd; all I need now is a partner.
You guys kick ass,

PS By the way, I m taking Scott s advice about getting involved with anything and everything about bartending and taking a trip down to Shadow at Caesar s Palace (I think Christian Delpech works there now, and that guy is crazy good) to do some studying. Later, guys, and thanks again for everything.

      -- Shaun Plummer ( Las Vegas )
Dear Scott.
Just an email to say thanks.
After watching your flair bartending starter series dvd my flairing was taken to another level.
i haven t seen another video/dvd that is as helpful or as friendly.
just wanted to say a big thank you to you and your team.
my flairing has improved so much that i have been given permission to convert one of the bars in our club to a cocktail/flair bar.
Once ive perfected everything, il definitely be buying the next videos!
keep up the good work!

Jacob Burtenshaw
      -- Jacob Burtenshaw

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