Extreme Bartending the Flair Bartenders Guide to Jokes, Quotes and Mixed Drink Recipes

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Dear Scott,
I just wanted to say thank you for creating the Extreme Bartending video Training Series. I had purchased other videos before I bought the real flair bartending videos that you all have created. Your videos are comprehensive and simple at the same time, making them the best videos on the subject.

You guys have made my tips increase as well as given me a renewed interest in my job and putting the FUN back in going to work. Thanks to you guys I have recently been promoted to a Corporate Bar Trainer for Applebee s. Thank You Again.
      -- Jamie Milici
I received the competition flair videos last Friday, and since then I ve watched them over and over. Words don t suffice for how stoked I am about these tapes!

Best investment I ve ever made. Everything I expected and way
more. So all I can say is congrats and thanks for putting together such an amazing product!
      -- Olivier Leroy ( Nanaimo, B.c. )

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