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I am 25 years old and have only been bartending a little less then a year. I have competed in only two bar competitions and placed first in the first one and second in the regional one.

I have your set of four training dvd/videos that I purchased and have gained much confidence in watching them. I used all of the moves in the videos and even some of my own moves at work.
      -- James Troutman ( Pennsylvainia )
Thanks for following up on my purchase. Yes, I have found your dvd training videos very helpful. It's exactly what I needed to learn the basic fundamentals of flairtending so that I can now build off of that and improve on my own.

I was wondering, however, what the rates were for private training sessions. If you could email me back with the various rates (one day, two day, etc...) I would appreciate it.

Kat Wok

      -- Shandy Mcdonough ( Ashland, Oregon )
Hi Scott and the extreme bartending team,

Well, Iím going to start by saying thanks. Your dvd training program is the best! They are easy to understand, full of important information, and best of all, a LOT of fun. So donít worry, Iím having more fun than anyone!
So here is my story. Iím a 22 year old, university student majoring in management. I live in Memramcook New Brunswick, a 5000 people village just outside of Moncton. In Moncton, and anywhere in south-east New Brunswick flair is not a new concept, it is unheard of! The closest thing Iíve seen to extreme bartending or flair bartending is a guy spinning a shaker in his hand, no joke. So my 1 Ĺ to pour and my around the world are starting to look pretty good.

Iím currently working in a resort, where I do mostly weddings and parties. This resort is of the closed minded type, and is not interested in extreme bartending, even the none-risk stuff. So I serve people the boring way (Iím not saying that I donít spin a shaker or two, or balance a few beer bottles here and there when the boss is not around), but always with a smile and the occasional wink. But at the same time Iím working with a guy who is opening a lounge. I might end up working for this new lounge, as he seems a lot more opened minded and willing to try things.
Itís a good thing you put these videos on dvd because they would be worn out by now! They are the simply best! Iíve been practicing since the day I got them. I try to put in an hour to an hour and a half a day (I take weekends off of course). I love that fact that you emphasize on customer service and not the tricks, because it is the most important part of our job. But the tricks are also quite fun! Iím currently working on juggling 3 bottles (among other tricks). I kinda like the fact that there arenít many people, if any that are flairing around here.

So Iím one of the first one to bring this new concept to the region. And flair bartending will, I know become very popular here. So donít be surprised if you have to send a few more bartender videos east. Just out of curiosity, have you ever been here? Have you ever done training seminars in the Atlantic Provinces? Your industry is one that I think is great and I hope to be part of and help grow for a long time. Iím the only active FBA member in this region, and one of only a very few (a couple I think) in this province, this is another great organization that Iím proud to be part of.

Well I guess thatís it for now, again, thanks! If tips are good this holiday season, as I predict they will (thanks to you guys) you will definitely sell some more videos and products, you havenít heard the last of me! And if you would have any promotional items that you would like to be distributed or seen around here, let me know, I would love to help.

Thanks for giving me the chance to send you some feedback; it shows that you do care about you customers. Any other info that you might have for a guy that always wants to push the boundaries would be greatly appreciated.

Extreme bartending videos have really changed the way I work, and the way I see the industry. If your looking for something to help fill you tip jar, look no further! Worth every penny! Great products, great company, great all around! Youíve made a Maritimer happy to be able to ďserve it with styleĒ!

      -- Octave Leblanc ( Memramcook, New Brunswick )
Hey Scott,
Thanks for contacting me...I am really enjoying the training dvds for Flair Bartending...they are very helpful and I'm learning a ton. Don't think mine is really a success story, yet, but hopefully it will be in the near future...I'm opening a bar here in Charleston, SC in the near future...went to Vegas back in September, and went to Carnival at Harrah's - watched Mig and those guys, and loved it...went back every night we were there. I flew to Toronto and took a beginner's course at the Toronto Bartending Institute back in September.

When I got back...I ordered your videos, and use them and practice almost every day. What could make this a success story is: South Carolina still has the 'mini bottle' law...all liquor drinks have to be poured using airplane style mini bottles...after years and years of this, they have finally changed the law, and free pour takes affect on January 1st...so, there aren't any bartenders here that have used big bottles, and definitely not any that can use Flair...so hopefully things will work out, I can train my staff, and we will be the only bar anywhere around here that does Flair...

so thank you for your inquiry, and I really appreciate your company and the dvds...thanks again.

      -- Chris Emerson ( South Carolina )
Scott, Just saw your video on dvd and it was very informative...I loved it. I ve been tending for 13 or so years and have dabbled with many of your tricks, but haven t yet taken it to the next step.

But your video has inspired me to do that... anyway, I believe in your principles and hope to get to performance level soon and represent you proudly.

      -- Kenny G Padayhag ( California )

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