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Good work on the new videos they just get better and better. My tips have helped in a big way saving for this trip( world tour ) and you help me get them.. Cheers
      -- Duncan
Hi Karen and Scott,
Thank you so much for everything! The seminar was awesome. You people have changed my life forever. It was an inspiration to meet you and the other flairers.

I cant wait till I get the videos, I already forgot some of the moves. Which address did you sent them to? The free vid and bottle you gave to me for the break in of my car really made up for the welcome I received to Vancouver. I hope to see you at the next competition. Thanx again.
      -- Jonathan Wong ( San Leandro, California )
Hey Scott,
Just wanted to drop a quick line and say that I love the new videos. Thank you very much for putting them out there and giving me something new to work on for the next year (and I only got the 2 nd series.)

I just wanted to say that the quality is wonderful and I especially like the fact that on many move you took the time to ask your instructors to use various angles to display moves. I can t wait to get out there and start practicing (though my index finger is already swelled due to the misdirections.)

Anyway, I have been following your company for a few years, have many of your videos, and they just keep getting better. I have come to realize that with many internet companies you can not rely on them, but your company is the exception. Whether it be on your chat board or your videos, either you or your mom or your instructors are always friendly, knowledgeable and quick to respond.
Again thanks, gone to practice.

      -- Michael Duder Sherrill ( Richmond/culpeper Virginia )
My name is Nate Nevala and I am a young up and coming extreme bartender in Minneapolis MN. I have been throwing around bottles for some time now, but I thought I should get your trick videos just for giggles.

I must say you guys do some stuff that I would never had thought of. Just tonight I did you drink stacking technique and made three gin and tonics. This Ladie could not stop throwing the money at me.

You have help me increase my sales revenue and tips and I would just like to say thanks. I will have to stop at the Roxy next time I am in Canada!!
      -- Nate Nevala ( Minneapolis, Minnesota )
Thanks for the videos. Scott young truly is a Legend for me now! Totally awsome videos, many thanks, Am adapting some of the moves to learn to flair safely in my bar without ANY SPILLAGE! practicing at home alot now. thanks again, and Scott - your a true bar tending legend!
Works at: Chicago rock cafe - Coventry - UK
      -- Oliver Worthington ( Coventry - Uk )

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