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Scott, and the rest of your team -
Great job with the course, and yes I WILL come by and check out the Roxy... also, I have a new mission, it s to be better, NO, Extemely Exceptional, compared to those guys @ the Mirage, and I let them know it too, I m going to practice and practice until I get myself to a level that is Super for me... I know flair isn t everything, but it s something I want to do for me.

I can t wait for the video s and I get excited about every day that I get to practice!! So LOOK out!! Anyways - Good job and Thanks... you and your team have opened my eyes to a completely DIFFERENT aspect of Bartending!!
      -- Chris Holton ( Vancouver )
there is nothing i liked to ask you i just wanted to tell you and your team that your videos are awesome and i learned olt from them.ill send you a video tape of me flairing after i practice a few sequences at home from my bar THANKS ALOT EXTREME BARTENDING TEAM
      -- Paul Alvarez ( Texas )
Desperate to learn!
Hey how ya doin ? My name is Roger Bath, and I have the corner of the market on Extreme Bartending in the town I live in. I have been through all four of your videos, and I m getting pretty efficient at flair. I was wondering if you have individual classes somewhere that I could attend. I want to be taught by the best, and from what I hear, You re it!!
      -- Roger Bath ( Emporia, Kansas )
Last September, Scott held a seminar at Max s on Broadway (Baltimore MD). Unfortunately I left for vacation a couple of days before the seminar started. I returned to work a month later and immediately noticed what a huge impact Scott s seminar and training videos had on my friends.

I think your training videos are great! Your videos have motivated many of us to raise our level of bartending. Once again, thankyou and your staff for the motivational videos. If your ever in the area you should drop in and see Bobby work, he is getting pretty good!! I think he would make you and your staff proud. Remember, HE LEARNED IT FROM WATCHING YOU!!! Thank you for your time.
      -- Kevin Belshaw ( Baltimore )
Great videos!
hey scott, my name is brian and I am from long island NY. I have been bartending for about six years now, and I just finished watching your videos.

I really learned alot just from sitting and watching them, now I plan to watch them over agian and start to practice.
hopefully, someday I can get enough people together and get you and your team to come here and train us. anyway, until that happens i keep wacthing the videos and practicing. once again thanks for your help.
      -- Brian Brown ( Long Island, New York )

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