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My highest expectations were met. Your seminar was well worth my money.
      -- Andrew Christensen ( Vancouver )
Man are you ever going to make me money and I have nothing but great things to say about you and your seminar.

The professional attitude you try to teach has totally changed my outlook on some of the customers I deal with.
I wish you all the best and I know that with your attitude you'll succeed at anything.
      -- Bruce Hiek ( Vancouver )
If I only knew then what I know now. We have all said it and be prepared that you will say it agian. I had been bartendeing for 10 years,I have one regret . That is that I did not know about Scotts program sooner.
This is more than Flair it is a way of life. I went to the seminar and was blown away of the details Scotts course. Its not just flair its your level of service and attitude. We as bartenders have a job to do and its to keep the people happy and that is what you learn.

The first day of the seminar in a matter of an hour or so we were a family. I must say the flair family is very tight no matter where you go the flair bartenders around the world are there to help and share with you. Its just one giant team the world over. Everyone of us teacher to student will share our experince with one another.

I would have to say if there is one thing you can do to increase your tips and your pure joy for the job, this is it....So dont delay sing up today.
Many thanks to Mom and Scott for the wonderful time.
dumbass #1
John Michael
      -- John Michael
Scott Young, the guy who tought me how to improve my tip, I actually own the complete seminar Series - Great Stuff. Scott you have been a rowmodel for me since the day I saw the free clips on you re site. You re way of teaching and helping other people in truely inspiering for me and for many others.

Well since you ve been so kind to us with the good prices and all we decided to order som more bottles!

6 of the75ml bottles, 1 1litre bottle and the Dvd s, we are all looking forward to start practice and i can also tell you that we are already fighting about who s getting the T-shirt and the cap =) We will put up an order as soon we get our paychecks. A week or so and you guys have our order. Thank You!

Underground Rockbar

      -- Martin Meyerman ( Sweden )
Hey Scott, I am one of your former students from a seminar in Oshkosh. I am the one that worked up in our Appleton Brew Pub. Thanks for your inspiration and professionalism, I really appreciated you taking me under your wing that weekend.
Fox River Brewing Co.

      -- Kyle Schumerth ( Wisconsin )

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