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Yeah, the videos were great! I have used them with my staff to get them interested in flair and the great customer service it tends to provide. They seemed to take the ground rules to heart (especially since I don’t let them practice tricks that they haven’t perfected) and appreciate flair a lot more.

I also liked that the videos touched on how flair is a “next step” in bartending. Most owners & managers believe it is a bartending style that replaces “regular” bartending instead of what it actually is: going above and beyond “regular” bartending.
Thanks again,

Certified TiPS Trainer

      -- Chris Lotton ( California )
The flair is going well, I have managed to only put 2 dents in the coffee table so far. I am trying to master the easy stuff and look forward to the tricky stuff in the future. I may contact you if I get stumped on something but so far your video has been a great learning tool for the 'living room bartender'.
Thanks Again, Jordan Rowe

      -- Jordan Rowe ( Vancouver, Canada )
Not ever bartending was a little dis-advantage at first but with help from the videos, Scott's 2 day seminar and watching at the Roxy this has been a very successful week.
Thank you again, It was awesome and I will reccommend it to everyone.
      -- Rob Clermont ( Vancouver )
"...to take it to the next level..." is how you put it, I believe.
Looks like you did it. I am still in the middle of reviewing all your videos, but so far, they appear to be hands-down the most complete, professionally packaged, detailed video(s) on performance/flair bartending to date.

Congratulations on what was obviously a vision of many years. Clearly you are doing much for the art of flair and the sport of extreme bartending in Canada and beyond... we share many theories and values on bartending.
      -- Toby ( Pennslyvainia )
Thank you very much for your note! It is the small things that will ensure repeat business for your company.

I purchased and have literally mastered your Working Flair Series. Your mom spent a considerable amount of time on the phone with me to help decide which series was right for me and although I had some skills the first set was an absolute must. I am so satisfied that I intend to purchase the next set (comp series). Through your videos and links I have seriously entered the world of comp and working flair.

I have been bartending of just over two years, since mastering your working flair series I have introduced performance bartending to my bar and have managed to convince several of the skeptics (sp?) that your don't have to slow down or spill to add something extra while serving customers.

With out a doubt my tips have increased and I don't have to do crazy moves to blow peoples minds. Just tossing a bottle up and stalling it gets people asking "where did you learn that?!?"

Basically I have improved 100 fold from just your Working Series (I still watch the comp footage on disc two a couple times a week) and have modeled my style somewhat after you and your team but I am now starting to find my own rythym and everyday I can see myself improve.

Extreme bartending is no longer a hobby it is now my life and I am blessed to be able throw awesome parties 365 days a year. Maybe next year I will win bartender of the year instead of just being nominated.

I will write again sometime and include some stories from behind the bar.Thank you so much again for providing me with the right tools.
Say hi and thank you to your mom as well.

Have more fun than anybody,
(by the way i decorated my practice tins with the stickers, thanks again)
      -- Josh Briggs ( Omaha, Nebraska )

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