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hi there, scott. hope all is well with you. i know you must have been busy lately. how was vegas? my name is kimberly. we have spoken a couple of times. i am the girl from fort hood, tx, sixty miles north of austin.

i work at the local red lobster. first, i must thank you again. i have a fifteen video set on working flair, competition and tadem flair.

i have been practicing some simple comfortable moves, and have been improving in all sorts of ways behind the bar. my money and tips have increased, and i am just having an all around good time.

i am writing because i have some exciting news: one of the local bars is having a competition. it is nothing serious, more fun than anything which makes me less nervous since it will be my first one. i tend to freeze on a "stage". because i am new to that experience, i am nervous, but i remind myself that it is just another bar i am working in. not to mention the practice and preparation so that i can not only impress others, but impress myself!!

another bartender that works at this bar called me with the details and was inspired to put on "real" competitions here with sponsers. i was hoping i could pick your brain for some information and advise. i know you must be busy, so only at your convenience. thanks so much. do take care...
      -- Kimberly Staggs ( Texas )
hello scott, i finally got your dvd. it is great! lots of stuff i didnt even think of tring. anyway turns out my credit fraud is a pretty big thing.

a group of kid here have been hacking recently. and due to it being so big i may not find out for a long time or ever how this happen. i am pretty much going to just let it go. unless they tell me how it happen. but even it did happen from your site. i know now u had no part in it. and really it is just a matter of smart but stupid kids.

so thank u on your quick caring responds. it means alot. and i will order from u again!! think your dvd is awesome.

check out our website www.cinderinn.com and look in the future for us flairing lol. we will be posting them on there. to make our site better. thanks again veronica

ps the bartneders say it is hard to learn the things u personally show. your to cute they much rather watch u !!! lol thoguht u would get a kick out of that. but dont go getting cocky now !!! lol bye

      -- Veronica ( Pennsylvainia )
Hey Scott, I have been working with your videos and I like them alot! However I'm not the only one who liked them. My puppy got ahold of the case and disc one of the first level training series and now it doesn't work.

I am just wondering if there is any way I could get another copy of that disc.
I'm not sure if it is posible but would be greatly appreciated.
Just let me know.

Cheers dude
Scott Lyons-Belt
Infusion Bartending Services and Consulting

      -- Scott Lyons ( Usa )
The flair videos are great! they gave me a great foundation. ive been flairing for just about a year now and im able to hang with my co-workers that have been doing it for 4 years.

Here's a funny flair story..... i was in the middle of a squence and i tossed a tin behind my back, but it slipped and it bounced off the bar over an ash tray only to clip a freshly made martini which spilled all over the customer! thank god he was my friend so he didnt stiff me :)
thanks again for all the help.


      -- Rob ( Usa )
Hey Scott,
I got the dvd which is currently circulating through my bar staff. Monday I have a mixology class and we are going to use some of the stuff we got from the dvd. I AM SO EXCITED!!.

On Tuesday I am headed downtown to talk with some of the other bar owners to see if they would be intrested in doing a class together. I will keep you posted, just wanted to say thanks again.
Nancee Kramer
The Spotlight in Grand Junction Colorado

      -- Nancee Kramer ( Colorado )

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