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Did a party in NYC with 700 people and I was one of four bartenders. Well, ya know the part about don t practice at work? Well, the night before I was practicing at home, keeping the dog up all night as the shaker tin was dropping on the kitchen floor. So......
I have violated rule one on your flair dvd's.....practiced at work and tried some tricks and when I was feeling good and cocky........result, one broken shaker pint glass, but no lawsuits from customers.....
NOW FOR THE GOOD PART...... Dude!!!!!!!!!!!!

How awesome when people were cheering and clapping at my bar as I nailed some of the easy tricks in the first and second videos!! And when I did miss, I just kept on going like I didn t and no one noticed or even cared anyway.

We, me and my customers, were having a blast!!! MADE a shaker of cosmos, poured them by splitting the shaker horizontally, and then set down the glass, and then flipped the tin in the air for 2-3 rotations, and........... some guy started clapping, and threw something in my tip pitcher....

How F$$KIN psyched was Big Al at that moment in time!!!!!
(grabbed it and put it in my pocket right away)

Wow....I am still flyin, and the manager of the party said I was the best bartender on staff. (hey, I know best of four isn t hard, but one dude has been bartending for over 16 years; me depending on what bar you own, the same amount of time, but I can tell you guys I poured my first drink on August 28th of this year, less than three months ago!!!!) This business is definately not the the wet rags and bump on logs of the world......WOW! I am still psyched!!!

I even had some rich woman come up to me, take my number and said she was gonna hire me for her private parties!!(bartending only)....

I can t make this stuff up.....Scott, thank you so much, the other info out there on the net or at schools just sucks compared to your videos. I borrowed them from a friend, but now I will probably buy my own copies with the $293 tip money I made in just four hours!!!!

Scott, I hope to meet you and all your staff one day.....Smilin Ryan, BJ and that other dude who jumps around behind the bar with the shaker in his hand......COOL, I gotta try that next time!!!!!!
Thanks Again...
from the Bronx, NYC
      -- Big Al ( New York )
A simple thank you letter (purchaser of the working flair bartender series)
Dear Scott,
First of all I would like to thank you for your contribution to bartending, its genius!

My name is Dain (pronounced Dane) Pool and I live in Dacula, Georgia. I was promoted to a bartender when I turned 18. I remember working behind the bar for the first few weeks and loved it because of the people but I was bored with the same old pour and put away style. Being born in 1986 I was unable to experience the movie "Cocktail" so when my manager spoke of it I had no clue what it was. I asked him where good bartenders could be found and he gave me a place to go watch, the place I went was very entertaining but there was profit flying everywhere. At the time I thought it was the best thing I had ever seen.

I searched online and came across your flair bartender dvd's and your website. I convinced my parents that for my 19th birthday I wanted the working with flair series. As soon as I received your videos I could not but a bottle down, I was always practicing b/c through playing highschool sports I learned if I wanted to be the best I had to practice.

Almost as soon as I started to practice it almost became like a second nature to me. The people who come to our bar (" The Field House") doubted the extreme bartending way to bartend but I soon changed that. I have only been bartending now for 3 1/2 months, and I have been flairing for a little over a month now. Im known as a "guru" to the style as people say around my area and Atlanta and I owe it all to you and your crew.

I know you must get these kind of letters all the time so I'll shorten it up and end my story by saying I am about to be a freshman in college (Aug. 15th !!!!) and thanks to you bars 4 hr. away from me in my college town are offering me jobs, not through competitions because i have not entered or been in a single one, but just because of my work habits and work flair. If you could I would be ecstatic if you could respond but if not I understand because you are a busy guy. But I just wanted to say thanks because instead of just being someone who tends bar your videos have turned me into a bartender.
Dain Pool
PS: Is there anyway you can teach me the basics of your fire tricks? Im always looking for new things to do behind the bar.
      -- Dain Pool ( Georgia )
Thank you so much. It is so cool to have the real dvd and a t-shirt and some cool stickers. I am gonna make everyone jealous. Oh and that girl I was talking about used to work at Stampede in El Paso, TX. That place is like only 30 minutes away. That is cool to see you guys teaching local bartenders cool tricks.

This is going to help me a lot, I am really looking to broaden my style. I definitely have a unique style all my own, and I like that. But I also like to stand in front of the TV and imitate other peoples.

So far in my collection extreme bartending working flair, and the next is definitely going to be your competition flair video. I totally understand that your working flair dvd is for 0-2 years experience. I do fall in that category, however I am really ambitious about honing my skills. I really like it and enjoy using in while I practice.

However, I think I am ready to get the competition flair series. In fact I think I will place my order right now.
You have definitely won my business.
      -- Carson ( Texas )
I wanna say thanks for making the video´s ( dvd's ). I life in Amsterdam and they almost got nothing on flair bartending. So i order the total flair and training every day a few hours. I love it. You say you were hooked the first time you trew bottles, but so am I. This is a other part of the bartender bussiness you almost can´t find in amsterdam. it is growing but very slowely.
Thanks for every thing
      -- Joshua ( Amsterdam )
Hey guys, ordered the videos on dvd and they were awesome. I am still in the process of practicing, not going to take the tricks to the bar until I am virtually flawless. You guys rock, and hopefully I won t spill too many water bottles.
      -- Michael Duder Sherrill ( Richmond/culpeper Virginia )

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