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The videos that I have made it through have been good.
I've made it though the 2 seminars videos that have increased my sells by suggestive selling when I have the time. Also not expecting tips for easy drinks knowing the money will come. Working at the casino drinks are very cheap. Most of the servers expect a tip everytime. I have never been that way. If you enjoy your job as long as entertaining your customers everything else falls in place. I will keep you updated. Take care
Harrah’s Flair Bartender
      -- Greg Aufenkamp (north Kansas City)
Thanks for following up on my purchase. Yes, I have found your dvd training videos very helpful. It's exactly what I needed to learn the basic fundamentals of flairtending so that I can now build off of that and improve on my own.

I was wondering, however, what the rates were for private training sessions. If you could email me back with the various rates (one day, two day, etc...) I would appreciate it.

Kat Wok

      -- Shandy Mcdonough ( Ashland, Oregon )
Dear Scott,
I just wanted to say thank you for creating the Extreme Bartending Video training Series. I had purchased other videos before I bought the real flair bartending videos that you all have created. Your videos are comprehensive and simple at the same time, making them the best videos on the subject.

You guys have made my tips increase as well as given me a renewed interest in my job and putting the FUN back in going to work. Thanks to you guys I have recently been promoted to a Corporate Bar Trainer for Applebee s. Thank You Again.
      -- Jamie Milici
WOW....i saw extreme bartending by accident at a local bar and was hooked instantly!! Im not your average student, because i am not a bartender. I see bartending as a great side job just for fun, and this as a way to turn fun into an absolute riot!!

I am a Paramedic and Firefighter in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I taught myself to juggle tennis balls, and have been riding a unicycle since i was 12. I thought the balance and hand/eye coordination found in extreme bartending would be right up my alley, and i was right!!!

I got your videos just for fun, as i do get to bartend at parties, and local pubs from time to time just for the heck of it and not for the $$ (although more $$ would be nice). I thought that with my coordination and balance this would be a snap to learn. Boy was i mistaken!!

Your videos do such a wonderful job at making things look easy that I got cocky and skipped over the easy stuff like straws and tins. BIG MISTAKE!! So i went back to the basics like i should have in the first place and found the straw tricks to be quite a challenge, but with practice im getting there and even see some of my other tricks developing the finesse they need to look good.

I can t wait to get my hands on more of your videos, but with my personality i think its best to stick with the basics and get those down solid before i tempt myself with more difficult moves.

AWESOME training videos!! Im having a BLAST!! Keep up the good work, and let me know if you guys are ever anywhere near Grand Rapids, Michigan. I would LOVE to meet your team in person and watch them in action.
      -- Mike Trauma Helder ( Grand Rapids, Michigan )
To: Mr. Scott Young
Hi! My name is Kate Carlsen and I go to Windsor Secondary School. The other day I attended the service industry seminar and was blown away.

The seminar was so cool and interesting!! I am very interested in extreme bartending, so interested that I saw Coyote Ugly seven times in the theatres in one week! I am very interested in attending the next seminar. Thankyou for your time and I hope to see you at the seminar.
      -- Kate

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