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Extreme Bartending gave me the confidence and knowledge to make the giant leap from an ordinary bartender to an exceptional bartender!

Scott Young, a world-class flair bartender/trainer, has drastically increased my
level of performance and fulfillment bartending through his flair training dvds,
seminar collection dvds and live seminars.

Scott's devotion to excellence and undying passion for bartending have set the
ideal example for myself and thousands of other bartenders to follow.

Thank you Scott!

      -- Jeremy Sherk ( Author Of The E-book : Bartending Secrets Exposed ) See The E-book Store
Hey Scott!!!
I work in a restaurant as well as a bartender as a waiter.(I do both jobs)First I've got to say that you guys are very professional.I appreciate professional people because they're very easy to work with.
As you might understand,when doing a bartender and waiter job at the same time,there's not so much room for air.(forgive me for using your expression)So the flairing part is coming up very slowly.
I do have time to watch your dvd's though and I must say I had a lot of fun watching them.Especially the bloopers part,it reinsures me that we're still all humans in this industrial world,right?I've created a cocktail list,aside from our regular menu list.We've recently started to serve cocktails in the restaurant and I must say that we've got a very good response from the custumers.
Well,as a last conclusion I'd like to say:keep up this job you're all doing guys!!!You had the first complete website on flair. Hope to encounter your team somewhere sometime...
Professional greetings from belgium.
      -- Reggy Verhofstadt ( Belgium )
I got asked to do some flair in a parade. i have never been in a parade so i am as excided as a school boy on the way to a finals in any sport

i just want to say THNX Scott i cant wait to meet you and thank you in person with out this dvd program i would never have been offered this job at this fantastic new tavern still small town but BIG partiers and it seems that flair has also sped up my regular service it has also seemed to help me in my pizza delivery job as well funny how even the little things drive people wild a smile a hey welcome to my bar when people walk in and it has made me a lot happier

by the way sorry i havent posted in a while my first son Gryphen was born in january. yeah baby it a future grand master flair bartending full package
Just cause customers don't expect it doesn't mean they don't deserve it. (a real bar policy)
      -- Hawk ( Missouri )
Hello Scott, this is Jolene from the Leelanau Sands Casino.

I just wanted to let you all know that we are all coming along rather well and watching the videos. I finally have gotton the lime trick down and can balance the bottle on the top of my hand after I throw It up with the spin.

I am rather proud of myself and the customers are enjoying it also. Thank you
      -- Jolene ( Michigan )
Hi Scott,
I would like to thank you for replying so quickly to my e-mail and for the offer of a extreme bartending.com t-shirt. I was unable to phone due to the time difference as I am actually in England. but thank you for offering to personally take my order, But I have finally managed to place my dvd order through your website and I am looking forward to learning new bar skills from professionals as yourselves.

I shall recommend your website to all of my colleagues and throughout our Company Chain. Your customer service skills are second to none, I look forward to seeing your future products.
Thanks Again
Yours Sincerley
Fellow Bar Tender

      -- Paul Marshall ( Liverpool, England )

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