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Hey Scott!! It's Ryan from your Jan. bartender seminar. I am just writing to let you know that I had a great time in Vancouver.

The seminar was awesome. And yes I have been practicing. Learning flair the correct way has boosted my confidence. Thank you guys for making me feel welcome. The Roxy was unforgetable.

Tell Micah and your mom I said hello!! Will you guys be in Vegas Trade Show in March? If so we should get together at some point and drink a few.
I will stop by your booth to see how you guys are doing. Thanks again.

Is there a flair competition this year during the seminar? Do you have any hook ups on getting me in to observe? Can you introduce me to some of the talent?

      -- Ryan Keys ( Usa )

it was a WONDERFUL seminar and an inspiring one. i found the love of flair bartending but now its more like a passion. its fairly new in jamaica and u inspired me to want to take it to a higher level sepecially being a girl which as you said is really rear.

this is what i want to do.. after your seminar all i wanted to do was come and practice. i want to be one of the best. like you and christian delpech. its now a dream to train with you and propable joining your group (if its possible) i dont want to just be a flair bartender or just a bartender or server i want to be the best.

it would be greatly appreciated if you gave me some advice and guidance.
thank you a million and i will never forget this eye opening experience.

Stacie Little

      -- Stacie Little ( Jamaica )
Scott Young,
Thank you so much for your time at the seminar, I cant wait to have my bartenders have fun with this, I cant wait to do it myself. This is going to be awesome. Thank you again for fueling the fire.

Jessica Poteet
Spotlight lounge

      -- Jessica ( Usa )
Hey Scott,
I got the DVD which is currently circulating through my bar staff. Monday I have a mixology class and we are going to use some of the stuff we got from the DVD. I AM SO EXCITED!!.

On Tuesday I am headed downtown to talk with some of the other bar owners to see if they would be intrested in doing a class together. I will keep you posted, just wanted to say thanks again.
Nancee Kramer
The Spotlight in Grand Junction Colorado

      -- Nancee Kramer ( Colorado )
Hey Scott hows it going? My name is Andy Holmes, I recently took the 2 day seminar at Level Nite Club, a few weeks ago put on by Dave and Tyler.

Pretty much amazing, haha best way to put it. I work at level as a porter, hoping one day to "tend the bar" so to speak. My expirience before coming into the class was pretty green, snapping beers and pouring draft and a few restauronts, making bellinis and all those fun things.. I got a job at level Nite Club a few months ago and just started to like the fun I was having.

I am achually a third year apprentice electrician, but in Febuary I got in a terrible car accident which prevented me to work as a sparky any longer, so I figured I would give bartending another shot.

Soon after I started working at a local pub aswell, just to get more expirience, and then Dave had a chat with me before heading off to a football camp.

It all happened so fast, two nights sold me, Gotcha's (the club that dave and tyler mainly bartend) had an 80's night and I got to spend the majority of the night watching Dave and Tyler..

I watched three things, I watched them WOW the croud, make a butt load of money, and have even more fun.

After the night was over I was still on the edge of paying money I didnt have to goto this seminar, but Dave convinced me and loaned me the money to take the seminiar.. I drove back from vancouver after my football camp ina hurry i was so stoked.

I am not going to lie, the first time I saw a bartender flair me my drink I was like "okay, ummm thanks I guess" and didnt think much of it, but I noticed myself be like a deer in headlights.. I kept going back to Ivan Chew's bar just because it was something I havent seen before..

Since the seminar, work, isnt so much work anymore.. its like getting paid to hang out and have fun.

Along with that, my boss was super stoked because more people would come sit at my bar, on the fact that the wood at my bar was a more fun place to be. Now to a the good stuff, my pocket was stuffed with 3-5 times as much cash as before, which makes not being able to work construction alot easier on my pocketbook..

Dave, Tyler and Ivan have only been 200% supportive of me, showing me new stuff and perfecting the zones I learned, now I am moving down to vancouver for my football season and instead of working as a labourer I am walking onto two seperate bartending jobs. Anyways what I wanted to say is thanks alot for setting everything up, its helped me alot..

Thanks for reading this and thanks again for everything!

-Andy Holmes
      -- Andy Holmes ( Kelowna )

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