Extreme Bartending the Flair Bartenders Guide to Jokes, Quotes and Mixed Drink Recipes

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Hi Scott, I am inquiring about the seminars that you offer in Vancouver. I live in Massachusetts, USA an hour outside of Boston and wanted to know more information about how the scheduling works and how much it costs. I would be coming alone, not with an establishment.

Also on a side note, I bought your 4 volume Extreme Bartending Set and want to say that it is AWESOME!!!! I practice everyday and have so much fun doing the moves. Thanks for all the positive motions in the video. Hope to see you guys soon in one of your classes.Thanks!
      -- Vache ( Boston, Massachusetts )
Scott, Karen, Ryan thanks so much guys for having your seminar here, I have been practising every day with the video we purchased, and we just received the videos you have sent to us, the entire series!!!! Thanks a million!!! You have changed my whole approach to this industry!
      -- Dale Nyman
My girlfriend recently bought me the five video package you were offering, and I must admit that I was not sure it was going to be useful because I had already taken the flair course offered in St. Catherines, Ontario. I was discouraged by how little the two-day course taught me.

When I got into the videos that you sent me I was in total awe.
They were so easy to follow and were so diverse from the training I already obtained. I m not yet a Bartender but I am in the process of building a fully stocked practice bar in my yard. I hope to find my first bartending job in the late summer of this year.

When I do I will be able to say I learned from Scott Young and the Bar Smart team, so thank you very much and if anyone asks your videos deserve a 10 out of 10.
      -- Sean Juan D\ Marco ( Ontario )
I recently ordered your working flair series. I can t believe how great the Extreme bartending videos are. I love them. Many of my bartenders can t wait to try new tricks with my flair bottles.

Thanks so much for providing such great instruction. The Extreme video series is truly an outstanding one of a kind production.

I just can t put down my bottles or shakers. Bartending is fun, and i m approaching myjob eith a newfound enthusiasm.

I haven t been this excited about being behind the bar since I broke into the business eight years ago.

Thanks again for providing such a superior training tool.
Bar Manager
Wild Duck Brewery
      -- Tony Vegas ( Oregon )
Thanks for mailing that info, I look forward to recieving and then passing on the goods. Oh and by the way, the video...nothing short of excellent.

This video is ideal for everyone. The format is perfect for anyone that has a bar or sells drinks. From the bartender to the bar owner, you show the importance of what eXtreme bartending is all about-profit!
I work as a bartender for Red Lobster currently, and even an upscale restaraunt such as this one can benifit from your video. My managers were eXtremely impressed by the format and are going to include your videos in their training series for new bar employees.
      -- Jeremy Thomas

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