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Yes, i did enjoy the flair bartender seminar...it was awesome. I can't wait to get some serious practicing, and get the working flair into action.

Scott will appreciate this...last night i was bartending and jenn came in(another student) that was at our seminar...i asked her if she had been practicing and how things were going, she said she had been, but her toes hurt from dropping the bottle and stuff on them...they ordered their drinks, and some shots and i kiddingly went to do the behind the back lime toss into the drink, and looked at them and chuckled...and said 'as if ..i don't have my A game yet'...jenn was 'come on try it'.... so i did and I NAILED IT! everyone around cheered it was awesome :)
More good stories to come.
Thanks again.

Mix NightClub

      -- Todd Hiebert ( Vernon, B.c., Canada )
Dear Karen & Scott,
I just wanted to thank you both for generosity in allowing me to partake in your last extreme bartender seminar. Although prior to the seminar, I was excited by the prospectof attending, it STILL SURPASSED my my greatest expectations!!

I truly enjoyed myself, and now understand the philosophy behind " Extreme Bartending ".

You have also helped me understand Marcin's crazy passion a little more! Perhaps from on when he tells me to " watch his new move ", instead of rolling my eyes I will grab a bottle and come up with one myself!!! :)
Thaks again so much and best wishes to you both.
      -- Leisa Todd ( Richmond, Canada )
Hey Karen,
Thanks for the follow up! I have to be honest here, I was already an accomplished flair bartender, having said that, I completely enjoyed the seminar.

Your instructors were fantastic! I had the best time working with them. They were very helpful and I honestly learned some things from them. Especially since I taught myself everything I knew. I have found that the moves I was doing before are coming easier and I am picking up new moves even quicker.

As far as screw up stories go, I have a million of them, I have been behind the bar for over 10 years so you can imagine.

I wonder if you can do me a favor, tell them that my knee still hurts from the Wal-Mart trip. should get a little laugh.

Overall, the experience was fantastic. I would recomend the seminar to any and everyone! Please extend my thanks to them.
Tryst Nightclub

      -- Jayson Mathewson ( Dallas, Texas )
Hi Scott,
I want say a quick thank you on a business side and a personal side! I want to say that I personally learned alot about the business (as I feel we all know some but never enough of everything) from the discussions in the seminar, but I also learned alot personally about how I need to be in order to remain in the industry as an owner/manager.

If I didn't tell you, I have never really ever bartended at any of the clubs I've worked at or owned, but after taking your seminar, I realized it's something I want to learn as an owner, plus I figured I would learn it to best way a person can with your serving it style and the flair bartender aspect. Rather than just knowing how to pour a drink or get a beer.

I think that anyone ever starting out bartending should attend one of your seminars, or that absolute very least purchase a DVD to teach them the right attitude most importantly from the start! and the style of flair bartending too!

I have will take not only the "flair bartender" knowledge but the business knowledge you have given us as a blessing! I will be dedicating daily practice time and I want to learn a routine to perform by our 1 year anniversary next month and really shine at it with either of the girls or Todd!

I really started to feel just how exciting this industry can be for me again, and for that no amount of money could pay for that! So know that I already can't wait to practice tomorrow for at least an hour with the working flair DVD's and notes that I took in the manual. Hopefully by the Nightclub show, me and Todd will have a full routine for you that we could show you! as that is my next goal after the first. From there I only look forward to bringing this new found rejuvenation to the club and my life personally.

So again, thank you so much for your time and effort, but mostly for a truly unique and for me personally a life (well business at the very least) changing approach to running and "acting" at the club from now on! Have an excellent couple months, and we'll see you in Vegas, Mix Nightclub.
      -- Darwin Tchir ( Vernon, B.c. )
Dear Scott and Karen,
I did the seminar course years ago in vancouver and used many of the things I learned to bring smiles to lots of the patrons I served. Its amazing what doing a little extra can do for people, not to mention the tips!

I eventually left the industry for personal reasons and have recently gotten back into it. I had forgotten how much fun I used to have, and would therefore like to brush up on my flair bartender skills and take your next available course. Could you let me know when the next available course comes along in vancouver. thanx a bunch.

      -- Andre- Vancouver

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