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I have reviewed the videos ( several times ) and i m very impressed. They are very thourough and easy to learn from. Scott and his team have done a great job putting the series together.

The thing that impresses me the most is Scott himself. The passion he shows for his work and his clear-sighted mind for what this business is all about is a rare thing.
      -- Tord Lyshaugen ( Norway )
It s just to thank u 4 making the videos. I had to ask a friend of mine to buy the videos because I don t have a credit card; and trust me, it was worth it!!
I m Portuguese and just arived in UK and thanks to the videos my job got much more interesting. Keep on the good work!!!!! By the way how old is Scott Young?
      -- Denox ( England )
I bought your working flair video series . I found this to be the best videos around for flair, and i have developed a admiriation for the company barsmart. At a time when i had the choice of changing careers or sticking with flairtending, your videos were enough to inspire me. In Australia (Melbourne) flair is just starting to get exposed and i decided that i want to be a part of this industry.

What i found most appealing about your videos were your beliefs and thoughts on flair. I have previously worked as a bartender at TGI Fridays and seen alot of people who flair behind bars with no control, just fliping bottles and spilling business profits.

However your ideas of flair, take it to a totaly different level: professionalism.
      -- Adam Betts ( Melbourne, Australia )
I am a 21 year old guy that dream about being one of the best. I just bought your video training series and you guys are have become my new heroes, but my dream is to get yo your level or bether. But in Norway, it`s almost no bars that use flair bartenders (at least I havn`t heard about them).

Anyway, YOU GUYS ARE THE KINGS OF BARTENDING (not just the bottle/glass/anything throwing). And I am realy happy with the videos, they are GREAT. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE AT BAR SMART INC. MOST OF ALL, SCOTT YOUNG FOR MAKING MY DREAM EASIER TO REACH.
      -- Joerund M. Helgerud ( Norway )
Besides creating a business around flair bartending, you have turned your attention to the hospitality industry as a whole. That is where you are able to impart a great deal of vital help to classes like mine. It is very inspiring to be able to, in person, someonewho has created a successful business venture from scratch.

It is surprising how many educational videos are formatted around one or two people disseminating, dryly, important information. This standard format used in educational videos puts students to sleep. On the contrary, I have had an opportunity to watch two of your videos: Stories From Behind The Bar , and Hot to Get The Job You Want In The Service Industry . I found them both riveting.

What struck me about your operation, as I watched the videos, was that you have surrounded yourself with very capable and bright people. Your friends, Colleagues, and students are filled with enthusiasm and insight. Their energy was palpable and you were able to pull all their ideas together in order to get across the essential points which you wanted to make. The enthusiasm for their work bubbled throughout the whole of both tapes.

I am looking forward to purchasing more of The Seminar Collection, particularly Attracting Customers , and How to Make More Money With Suggestive Selling .
Sincerely yours
      -- Sandra Assaly ( Vancouver )

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