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First of all congratullations on your videos. I recently acquired the flair bartending dvd. And I absolutely love it. My question is are you currently imparting any training in vancouver? If so, I would like to know the dates for your next courses.
      -- Raul Barreto ( Vancouver )
Scott, Sorry it has taken so long for me to finally give you some feedback on the bartending class I attended this year at the Country Club in Augusta. Sold my restaurant and am heading back to Vegas for a while.

Anyway, as far as your flair bartending course goes... I was amazed at the whole course that your organization provided!!

Usually there are classes that you take that have a dull moment where students are dozing off or not paying attention, but not in your class. The hands on parts, the one on one instruction, the dvd/videos, and the teaming up of classmates and making them perform in front of the class is excellent.

And the bar managerial points that you bring up through out the class could be a class in its own. Hey, I owned a bar and I gained plenty of knowledge that I will use in the future!

Overall, I would recommend your course to any bar owner who is interested in bringing in flair bartending to their bar and to any bartender that wants to learn flair or improve on their flair skills.

The class was outstanding and I appreciate you letting me attend (and Lewis), I had a blast and still practice about 8 hours a week; I even built a practice area in my loft!! Poor neighbors!

One thing I would like to ask you. Is their any where in Vegas to get a little more training? I am headed out there in the next week and will be out there for a few months and would love to pick up on some new material.

Thanks again for everything, enjoyed hanging out and if I open a new place up, you WILL be getting a call for another training class!!

still flipping, Mike Guthrie

      -- Mike- Augusta, Georgia
Just wanted to thank Scott Young for the phone call the other day. I never would have thought the owner of a company would personally handle a question from a customer....wow!! Outstanding service, you definietly practice what you preach. If you or any of your staff are ever in NJ let me know, I work for a paintball field as well so come out and enjoy shooting each other!!

      -- Chris Poitivient
Yeah, the videos were great! I have used them with my staff to get them interested in flair and the great customer service it tends to provide. They seemed to take the ground rules to heart (especially since I don’t let them practice tricks that they haven’t perfected) and appreciate flair a lot more.

I also liked that the videos touched on how flair is a “next step” in bartending. Most owners & managers believe it is a bartending style that replaces “regular” bartending instead of what it actually is: going above and beyond “regular” bartending.
Thanks again,

Certified TiPS Trainer

      -- Chris Lotton ( California )
Thanx guys for the awesome time at the Bartender seminar! We feel we're in your eternal debt.
Since you have contributed so much to me as a person, I would like to offer an aditional cheesy,funny pick up line for your collection. It goes as follows, excuse me, I sure aint no flintstone, but illmake your BEDROCK! Scott I sure hope you can use that, anyway. Thank you again, good luck with everything and Be easy!

      -- Bayani ( Seattle )

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