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I worked a buy-out party 2 nights ago for a company. We had 5 different bars set up and I did some of the tricks I have learned from your videos. My bar got a crowd around it....my tips tripled all the other bartenders and I have the least experience! Thanks so much! You guys rock!
      -- Lee Killingsworth ( Las Vegas )
Look no further. Extreme Bartending s training videos are the best and only tool you will need to start your staff flairing. The 5 set video series offers step by step training for the beginner all the way up to the advanced. It made something that looks impossible into something anyone can learn.
      -- Shawn Greco ( Toronto )
Hi Karen, Just wanted to inform you that I have received my four tape collection of Extreme Bartending tricks. They are so kool. I guess that I am now a Scott Smart enthusiast (smile).

I will recommend him and his video s to any one that will listen to me. Can you tell that I am excited?(Brad: jumping up and down. giggle, giggle) I know that I was supposed to watch the tapes at intervals of a week apart and practice the moves for that week. ( cheapest grin )However, I couldn t wait. So I watched all of them so that I could see everything that I am going to learn. Very kool indeed. But now, I will do the weekly lessons in order. Some of the moves I already know, but most of it is brand new to me. This should keep me busy for awhile.

I plan on ordering more video s shortly, until I get them all. I just love this stuff. Thanx again and you will be hearing from me for sure. Have a super day! Ciao!Respectfully,
      -- Brad Harrison
Here s some rockin advice for you - Want to increase your odds of getting a job, take Scotty s Bar Smart seminar, and/or Buy Scotty s videos on Extreme Bartending!!

Trust me, this will be the smartest investment you will ever make in regards to this industry. I ve got the vid s and I can tell ya, It was worth every dollar!! The video s will help you round yourself out.

In a competitive industry, you need to arm yourself with all the skills and tools you can get! and never forget the mantra -
If your gonna serve it - Serve it with Style!
      -- Chris Holton ( Vancouver )
Hey all! I would just like to give a shout out to Scott Young, Dave and the ExtremeBartending Company! About 6 months ago i saw an old friend at a house party throwin a couple bottles, mostly just doin a simple stall. This old friend was Dave (Intructor for extremebartending.com). I talked to him about what hell he was doin and that night i just started to try and throw anything around and i mean anything!
I started goin to the local pub here in Kelowna, McCulloch Station Pub, and just sat there at the bar, had a few, and watch Dave serve it with some style. I ve always wanted to get into the service industry and just talkin to Dave got me so fired up i decided right there that i wanted to bartend. I talked to dave some more about it and he told me about your seminar that was comin to Kelowna soon. I signed in that night......I was a little done but i thought about int he morning and knew i wanted to get into this style of service.

The two day seminar that Scott and the instructors put on is amazing, even if i never went behind a bar or took up any type of job in the service industry this seminar was worth every penny and is worth far more to me than just an experiance. Its changed how I go about my regular day to day life. Just wanna give a huge thanks to you Scott, keep on inspiring the uninspired.
Once i finished the seminar i decided i wanted to work the same pub as Dave. I started to get to know everyone there, the owners, the kitchen, the waitresses, the bartenders (some bald guy) and the regulars.

I followed your HOw To Get a JOb video and i started there about 2 months ago portering with dave and im lovin every miniute of it.
Thanks Scott and Dave and Extremebartending.com, couldn t have done any of this with out you guys!........Serve It With Style!!!!
      -- Tyler ( Kelowna )

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