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Scott, Karen, and Crew.
Thanks for the great weekend. I ve had a hard time putting the bottle and tins down after what I saw in the course. Scott and the boys, your smooth flow is like a deep powder run in the sunshine....aaaahhhh

The amount of information that I soaked up is immense and is already being put to use. I m writing the front-of-the-house training manual for this upcoming season and your course reinforced the essentials of service for me.

Talk about getting pumped for a busy season with a good team in the restaurant and a great crew behind the bar. Fish is stoked so therefore, everyone s stoked....hahahah

The snow is falling and I hope there s more to come. Willow and I are planning to have an extreme bartending competition in the spring for the Interior. We must talk in the New Year. In the meantime, the bottles and tins will be flying and I hope to see you up here on the slopes this season.
Bottom s Bar and Grill
      -- Neal Dustin
Scott, Karen, Ryan thanks so much guys for having your seminar here, I have been practising every day with the video we purchased, and we just received the videos you have sent to us, the entire series!!!! Thanks a million!!! You have changed my whole approach to this industry!
      -- Dale Nyman
Dear Scott,
We watched all of you seminar and special topics tapes here in Ukraine ans found it very helpful and just COOL!
      -- Michael Goncharov ( Kiev, Ukraine )
Howzit Scott, I attended the seminar that you held in Las Vegas at National Bartending school. I just wanted to say thanks for teaching me how to be a total professional behind the bar, especially without an attitude and my flipping has come a long way.
So thanks again for your expertise in flairing and extreme customer service.
      -- Landon Oda ( Hawaii )
You can trust these fellas. I went to a seminar they had, and somehow lost a couple of 750ml flair bottles I had brought to practice with. They were totally cool and even sent me two new bottles, to replace the ones that I had lost. I also left them my credit card number, and ordered the videos.

They took care of everything. No extra charges, no hassles. These guys are a truly class act. The bottom line... you can trust them.
      -- Hospitality Michael

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