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I recently ordered your working flair series. I can t believe how great the Extreme bartending videos are. I love them. Many of my bartenders can t wait to try new tricks with my flair bottles.

Thanks so much for providing such great instruction. The Extreme Video series is truly an outstanding one of a kind production.

I just can t put down my bottles or shakers. Bartending is fun, and i m approaching myjob eith a newfound enthusiasm.

I haven t been this excited about being behind the bar since I broke into the business eight years ago.

Thanks again for providing such a superior training tool.
Bar Manager
Wild Duck Brewery
      -- Tony Vegas ( Oregon )
Here s some rockin advice for you - Want to increase your odds of getting a job, take Scotty s Bar Smart seminar, and/or Buy Scotty s Videos on Extreme Bartending!!

Trust me, this will be the smartest investment you will ever make in regards to this industry. I ve got the vid s and I can tell ya, It was worth every dollar!! The video s will help you round yourself out.

In a competitive industry, you need to arm yourself with all the skills and tools you can get! and never forget the mantra -
If your gonna serve it - Serve it with Style!
      -- Chris Holton ( Vancouver )
WOW....i saw extreme bartending by accident at a local bar and was hooked instantly!! Im not your average student, because i am not a bartender. I see bartending as a great side job just for fun, and this as a way to turn fun into an absolute riot!!

I am a Paramedic and Firefighter in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I taught myself to juggle tennis balls, and have been riding a unicycle since i was 12. I thought the balance and hand/eye coordination found in extreme bartending would be right up my alley, and i was right!!! I got your videos just for fun, as i do get to bartend at parties, and local pubs from time to time just for the heck of it and not for the $$ (although more $$ would be nice). I thought that with my coordination and balance this would be a snap to learn. Boy was i mistaken!!

Your videos do such a wonderful job at making things look easy that I got cocky and skipped over the easy stuff like straws and tins. BIG MISTAKE!! So i went back to the basics like i should have in the first place and found the straw tricks to be quite a challenge, but with practice im getting there and even see some of my other tricks developing the finesse they need to look good.

I can\ t wait to get my hands on more of your videos, but with my personality i think its best to stick with the basics and get those down solid before i tempt myself with more difficult moves.

AWESOME training videos!! Im having a BLAST!! Keep up the good work, and let me know if you guys are ever anywhere near Grand Rapids, Michigan. I would LOVE to meet your team in person and watch them in action.
      -- Mike ( Michigan )
What s up Scott and Marcin? Just wanted to drop you guys a line and says Thanks again for such an awesome weekend.

I went into the seminar expecting to learn how to flair, juggle and toss things around but I got so much more out of it. Scott covered a lot of aspects surrounding customer service. Everything from greeting customers to up-selling, even socializing.

He even taught us some cool bar bets and cheesy jokes to lighten the mood.After six years in the industry there were times when going to work seemed like a drag or even a chore.

After leaving Scottís class I couldnít wait to get to work on Sunday night. I had and still have this new found enthusiasm for the job.

That night I had more fun at work than I had in a very long time and you know what, there was no flaring involved (first golden rule: we donít practice at work). I up-sold all night and noticed the people sitting at my bar were laughing and having more fun than ever before.

I would recommend any up and coming bartender or for that matter any bartender that needs their spirit revived to take this course. It has done wonders for me and I m sure it would do the same for any of you.Serving with Style
      -- Manu Fisher ( Vancouver )
I rode a bus 49 hours to Seattle, had to pay $200 for a cab ride to Vancouver, spent another $140 for the hotel stay, and another 52 hours on the bus back home to go to one of the Extreme Bartending seminars.

By noon of the first day I knew that it would all be worth it. The amount we learned in the two days was amazing. The flair moves we learned were easy and exciting and the guest at my bar are amazed.

Even the experienced bartender can take away so much information from the barsmart series. I would highly recommend the seminars or videos to anyone interested in bartending.
      -- Joe Hogue

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