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We at Legends Western Cabaret recently got the 4 pack of extreme videos and are we ever impressed..... My manager Robin and I have been practising for a couple of weeks and it s all starting to come together now. It s flattering to hear the customers asking us to do the Tom Cruise thing .

Already we re getting people coming in to the bar telling us that they d heard of us and wanted to see something Cool .

Robin and I were both getting a little bored with bartending and now it seems like we could do this for many more years...tips have also gone up(thanks). Thanks for making the videos and offering them for sale, just can t watch them enough. Please let me know if your going to be making a new video or if your going to be in or around Edmonton area for any shows....it d be great to see you live in action. Once again thanks......got to go practise. Cold Lake AB.
      -- Kevin Little ( Edmonton )
I rode a bus 49 hours to Seattle, had to pay $200 for a cab ride to Vancouver, spent another $140 for the hotel stay, and another 52 hours on the bus back home to go to one of the Extreme Bartending seminars.

By noon of the first day I knew that it would all be worth it. The amount we learned in the two days was amazing. The flair moves we learned were easy and exciting and the guest at my bar are amazed.

Even the experienced bartender can take away so much information from the barsmart series. I would highly recommend the seminars or videos to anyone interested in bartending.
      -- Joe Hogue
Hi Scott,
Thanks a million. Your video seminar series is excellent, I have let my girlfriend also view them with me and she has tripled her income in tips. She is a waitress at a popular restuarant.
Thanks for the help you are doing for the industry.
      -- James Kirby ( Sparta, Tennessee )
Just to let you know that I am enjoying the SEMINAR videoS.
A lot of useful ideas in making my job more interesting and making customers happy.
Will keep coming back to your web site to see if there are any new products/videos.
Bartender, Hong Kong
      -- Joe Lee ( Hong Kong )
Hi There! And thanks for the reply. Sure i d be flattered if you used some of my comments on your site.
Our March competition went very well..we received a sponsorship from Finlandia, a panel of local celebrities for judges, raised about $2000 for Special Olympics, had about 600 spectators turn out, and had about 20 compete from bars all over Tennessee including TGIFridays, Chili s, and lots of independently owned bars.

I am also very proud to say that my bartenders finished 1,2, or 3 in all divisions and we won 4 out of 5 awards. The only one we didn t win was team flair because we didn t have time to put a routine together.

We wouldn t have done that well without the inspiration (and some of the tricks we stole) from your videos.
Hehe So thanks again and maybe we ll see y all soon at a national event in the near future!
Shoeless Joe s Sports Cafe
Murfreesboro, TN (just outside Nashville)
      -- Josh Murphy ( Tennessee )

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