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Dear Scott,Since I' m contacting you personally I will give you a personal thanks for providing your bar training. I first had an interest in bartending about 1 1/2 years ago when I starting mixing cocktails for my friends. This interest has now turned into a way for me to entertain, which I love. Basically I think it is the best position for me to have until I can afford to get my master' s degree. :) I should also add that I will be starting my first bartending job at the local country club in my city on the 13th of May, it will be in the gentlemen only bar (also known as the Alibi room), so that should be interesting. I'm a little anxious and studying my recipe file like crazy.

When I was being interviewed I told her about the extreme bartending and she had a very scared look in her face until I explained that it wasn t just about flipping bottles around.

I told her it was about style and entertainment, so I showed her the martini glass balance, thank god I got it on the first try! I explained some of the other things as well and she was very impressed with me.

I won't be able to be too crazy with bottles, as the alcohol is very expensive, but what I like is that most of the moves that I learned from your tapes can be done with such low risk once the confidence and capability is there.

So thanks again for putting all the tapes together. It must really be cool to be able to be in charge of something that you really love. Not too many people get to do that in life, in fact, you are in such a minority!Sincerely,
      -- Nathanial Tablor ( Pennsylvania )
Hi Scott, I am inquiring about the seminars that you offer in Vancouver. I live in Massachusetts, USA an hour outside of Boston and wanted to know more information about how the scheduling works and how much it costs. I would be coming alone, not with an establishment.

Also on a side note, I bought your 4 volume Extreme Bartending Set and want to say that it is AWESOME!!!! I practice everyday and have so much fun doing the moves. Thanks for all the positive motions in the video. Hope to see you guys soon in one of your classes.Thanks!
      -- Vache ( Boston, Massachusetts )
Dear Scott,Thank you very much for a thoroughly educational, inspirational, and entertaining seminar!

When I came to Vancouver for your seminar, that was the best money I' ve spent in a long, long time. (Geez! . . . when I think of what paid for the mediocer two week basic bartending course I took about nine months ago, I cringe with embarrasment.) I think the whole class was sorry you had to leave on the second day, but I really enjoyed having Ryan as an instructor.
He did a great job!It s going to take me some time practicing to get compitent with all of the moves we learned at the seminar...it s sure not going to happen over night... but when I do, you can count on seeing me back for the mastery lever seminar, as well as the costomer service seminar.
I also enjoyed sitting with your mom and friends at the Legends of Bartending finals. Your mom is a really special lady! And Dave White! What a super nice guy! He and his wife and your mom all made me feel like one of the family. It was just great, and I m so greatful to all of you. Well, keep up the outstanding work! Can t wait for the next set of vidios.Take it easy, and catch some tasty waves.
      -- Steve Abernathy ( Anaheim, California )
Hello Scott,My name is Jason Brasher, I m from Winnipeg, Manitoba.I recently participated in the Quest For The Best Bartender competition and am now on the way to Orlando, Florida for the finals.
It is greatly due to the help of your training videos.

A friend of mine asked if I could show him how to flair and with three weeks before the competition,and the aid of the EXTREME VIDEO SERIES,he made it to the top four finalists.

From both of us, I wish to say thank you for creating this series. Without it we would not have made it as far as we did. Thank you for showing us how to bartend with style. All the best,
      -- Jason Brasher ( Winnepeg, Manitoba )
My girlfriend recently bought me the five video package you were offering, and I must admit that I was not sure it was going to be useful because I had already taken the flair course offered in St. Catherines, Ontario. I was discouraged by how little the two-day course taught me.

When I got into the videos that you sent me I was in total awe.
They were so easy to follow and were so diverse from the training I already obtained. I m not yet a Bartender but I am in the process of building a fully stocked practice bar in my yard. I hope to find my first bartending job in the late summer of this year.

When I do I will be able to say I learned from Scott Young and the Bar Smart team, so thank you very much and if anyone asks your videos deserve a 10 out of 10.
      -- Sean Juan D\ Marco ( Ontario )

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