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Last September, Scott held a seminar at Max s on Broadway (Baltimore MD). Unfortunately I left for vacation a couple of days before the seminar started. I returned to work a month later and immediately noticed what a huge impact Scott s seminar and training videos had on my friends.

I think your training videos are great! Your videos have motivated many of us to raise our level of bartending. Once again, thankyou and your staff for the motivational videos. If your ever in the area you should drop in and see Bobby work, he is getting pretty good!! I think he would make you and your staff proud. Remember, HE LEARNED IT FROM WATCHING YOU!!! Thank you for your time.
      -- Kevin Belshaw ( Baltimore )
I want to thank you for putting on a great training for our bartender staff. The passion that you brought both during and after the seminar is something that we will all remember for a very long time. You are the talk of Barmuda!

I appreciate the extra time that you spent with staff and myself sharing your thoughts, ideas and experiences & dvd's. This was definitely above and beyond what we paid you to do. Although your time in Iowa was short your memory will be here for a very long time.

It is my belief that your expertise will help our company grow and prosper and truly be a unique destination for Cedar Falls. What you taught will be something that will be used throughout their lives no matter what career they choose.

You bring an energy with you be it in a group setting or one on one that is truly amazing. I think you could see how much you inspired Kyle and that will just make my job easier…again thank you. I hope that you enjoyed your time here as much as we did.
I wish you the continued success in your endeavors.

Vice President of Operations
      -- Marge Hirdler ( Iowa )
Dear Scott,
When we were researching adding Flair bartending to our lounge, we called one of our dear friends, Patrick Henry(www.phcp.com)for a recommendation. He told us that there was only one person that could fill our expectations for the industry's best flair bartending teacher, and of course he sent us to you.

You are bright, enthusiastic, energetic and were able to share all those things with our staff along with your ideas, great training dvd's and attention to detail that will benefit both ourselves as owners and our employees.

You are an excellent teacher, who only after two days, have 12 students that admire your style, along with the hopes they they too will have some of the same finesse that you display. Your positive can-do attitude is a model for every person in the industry.

We look forward to continuing your program, along with giving you an update on everyone s progress.
Thank you again for sharing yourself and your knowledge.
Kindest regards,
      -- Bob And Shelly Sikora ( Phoenix )
Dear Scotty and Karen (mom),

Thank you again for having this seminar ina city that I was able to attend it in. I had a wonderful time learning and trying out new things. I"m not a bartender yet, but it is something that I want for my future and I can see that the training will be most beneficial.

It's already helped me look at certain tough situations in a different light. Now no matter how stressful the situation I'm actually able to handle it better and with a smile. at the end of the night no matter what kind it's been good or bad, I still come out with a grin on my face. So thank you again and hope to hear or see you soon.
      -- Tiffany ( Vernon, B.c. ,canada )
James here again. Just wanted to tell you that the 9 video seminar
series are great. I immediately started implementing the things in the videos. I personally think that you are doing a great service for the industry. I want to say thank you very much.

Through your video training and seminar series, I have able to enter a profession that I thoroughly enjoy going to work or as you say go and play until they tell me to go home.
Thank You
      -- James Kirby ( Sparta, Tennessee )

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