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What's Happenin' Scott?

First and foremost, let me just say that I know Bunny emailed you, and that I am "parroting" everything you shared with us during the seminar class (remind me to "yell" at her some more for not cushioning when throwing up a bottle to balance it on her hand!). Well, she's right, so let me just say THANK YOU for being such a great "starter coach" because this team is really looking fantastic.

With everything going on with geting this place up and running, I myself have not had the time to devote to furthering my own bartender flare ability (though I CAN juggle the plastic bottles now). What I have been able to do is focus on everyone else when we get together, and I have helped many of the others nail moves they were struggling with by watching and reminding them of the basics you taught us. It's extremely satisfying to see someone come in one night and be totally unable to do something, and then by slowly walking them through and really encouraging them, seeing them rock the move perfectly by the end of the night (and then see them incorporate the move into routines).

It's also cool to see how everyone is gravitating to focus on different aspects of the flare. Soem are great with hand to hand stuff, others with flipping, some are rocking the shaker tins and others are rocking the beer bottles. Everyone seems to have a signature flair move, and it's exciting for me that everyone else is still so excited about "nailing that move."

Just this last week we started "relearning" everything by introducing the real bottles. Everyone agrees that most moves are much easier with the weight distribution of the liquid and such. I really feel we'll be in great shape by opening (which, I believe, is being set for Tuesday, December 6th).

So again; Thank You.

As soon as we're actually open and I get a few moments to breath (yeah, right!), I fully intend to further my own flare education. I like being the coach, but I wanna rock out from time to time to, you know?? Plus, if you were sincere in the possibility of my helping you out from time to time (if I move up to an adequate level of 'wow factor'), I would love the opportunity to work and continue learning with you.

Oh, and if possible, could you remind me of which pour spouts you recommended again? I need to get those ordered and I was looking the other day and totally blanked.

And speaking of blanking, I have tried to get a hold of that tv news piece that was done when you ere here, but so far can't get them to dub it off for me. I will continue to "gently remind them" until I finally get the damn thing!

Later, Scott!
Blocks Brewery ( opens Dec. 2005 )
      -- Jay ( Decatur, Illinois )
It was great to hear from you today. I'm stoked things are going well for you.

Thank you again for the training, it is defininately one of the best investments I have made. I am planning to go to the bar show in March, so it will be cool to catch up with you again.

Thanks Again
Surf w/ a smile,

      -- Steve Schneiderman ( Denver, Colorado )
Scott, sorry its taken me so long to get back in touch with you, i recieved your voice mail you left me and appreciated the follow up you put on a terrific seminar and its nice to see you are still intrested in how we are doing, you are extremely professional and a class act.

You will be happy to hear that we have been putting a ton of time and effort into doing flair, we meet twice a week for a two hour work-out as a group. Alot of us our flairing a couple of hours a day and are really getting pretty good for only doing this for a short while.

Flair is highly addictive especially when you start hitting most of your moves with a high consistency. We tested this past week with all the upper management to see if they thought we were ready to start doing some flair in the bars with juice bottles, tins, ice,etc.

and we were successfull. We were all nervous as hell but managed to hit most of our routines with minimal errors. We are looking forward to bringing you back in a few months to see if you can take us to another level. e-mail me back so i know you recieved this letter. talk to you soon.

beverage director.
Carson City Nugget

      -- Noel Wygant ( Carson City, Nevada )
I've done the 2 day seminar twice! Enjoyed it beyond belief! I've used some of the techniques learned in my high school science demonstrations. People hear about what I've done and immediately invite me to "'tend" their partiea & BBQ's. Even if I don't get paid (by friends that is) I get lots of free food asa result.

I've had a few of my high school students inquire into the course. One was a Canadian yo-yo champion. He has been financing his post-secondary education by working on cruise ships juggling and bartending and yo-yoing.

Bottom line-
The courses are fun.
The people are fun.
You learn a lot.
You can apply your skills immediately.
The earning potential is right in front of you.
The owners are the best!
      -- Trish Mckeen
Not ever bartending was a little dis-advantage at first but with help from the videos, Scott's 2 day seminar and watching at the Roxy this has been a very successful week.
Thank you again, It was awesome and I will reccommend it to everyone.
      -- Rob Clermont ( Vancouver )

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