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Hi Scott,

I have just recieved my flair bartender dvds I bought at extremebartending.com – and thanks they are great.
I have not seen then all yet, but I am just learning the basics first.

I bought the Full Program - All 6 bartender dvds and a flair bottle.
In one of the first videos/dvds you are talking about some stickers for the tin. But I did not get any. How come?

Hope to see more dvds by barsmart and you

Med venlig hilsen / Best regards

Christian Risager Busch
Hollændervej 12 St.
6000 Kolding

web: http://www.buschnet.dk

PS: I work as a bartender at Discoteque Tordenskiold, DK-6000 Kolding - Denmark.
www.tordenskiold.nu  Kolding  Press “JA” to enter.

      -- Christian- Denmark
Dear Scott Young,
Your presentation was both captivating and educating- the hallmarks of good practice in teaching and of someone who is passionate about what he does. My students comments on your visit reflect these descriptions.

They liked the fact that you used humor and real-life examples to support your ideas and to engage your audience. They liked being able to see a dvd/video of you in action. They liked having the opportunity to ask questions and to have their questions answered. They were captivated!!!

They got your message about the importance of being pro-active, instead of being re-active or in-active. They got the idea that failure occurs only when you have not tried or worked as hard as you can. They also got that drinking is a dangerous proposition, and that anyone involved in the hospitality industry needs to be involved in a responsible manner. They were educated!!!
      -- Celine Kaufman ( Vancouver )
I just wanted to thank you for a great weekend, great getaway, and phenominal seminar, plus a reason to come to Vancouver. I had a wonderful time and learned a great deal.

I just wanted to let you know how much your company and flair training dvd's has helped me so far. I was in Vegas in August and got my first real live exposure to this style of bartending at the Carnival Court, when I got back I got on the web and got some flair bottles and tins, and Dean Serneels video, Although everytime I looked up Flairco or anything close to it I kept getting something called Extreme Bartending, so I cheked it out, liked the demos I saw and got the Working Flair series.

It has been Phenominal, especially the Flair 101. Since then I have been working very very hard and been putting in very very long hours into trying to get moves down so I could get them up and behind the bar as soon as I could master them. The more time I put into it, the sooner I could bring them on the bar, simple. So I found a secluded field and went to work,(started with a tennis bar) and when winter came I bought bar mats for my basement so I could take it under ground for the winter. I really try to focus on the simple stuff for a couple of reasons, it simple, you can do them when your really really busy, and they have a greater effect. The response I ve gotten is more that bottle tricks look the same to customers(roughly) and they ve probably seen them before. Straw, garnish, glass, and stainless tricks are freash, better reactions.

You really hit the nail on the head with these Scott. I only say it to let you know that I ve realized these things on my own as well.
I take a lot of bottle moves and do them with shakers or glasses while I m Moving. I mostly do one object moves with the exception of a few simple glass of shaker sequences that I know.

Anyway I can do everthing on the 1st tape behind the bar comfortably, and most of the 2nd. On the 3rd I focused on the stuff I could put into my flow and working situations first, mostly the full glass stuff(water). I have not really done much with the Competition level tapes yet except for the easier working flair moves from the 1st tape.

It really helped this weekend, you pointed out that my lines weren t always straight and I think that was the cause of some of my inconsistances. I have already noticed a difference. For me the key to getting any move down pat has been getting and practicing it small medium and large, from garnish tricks to bottle tricks I also practice sometimes with poor lighting, a black straw dissapears in a dark room very quickly if you do not know where it is going, same thing with the outlines of a shaker tin or a glass, and most bars I know have poor lighting. I practice also with plastic cups because a lot of clubs and bars around me are going plastic so you never know. Plus roomates don t want to hear flair bottles when you get home from a shift in the early AM.
A little on me, I have been bartending for about four and a half years, and barbacked for about six moonths before that, all at the same bar called Big City, a high volume pool hall and bar. About a year ago I started doing a one or two shifts a week as well at another bar called Becketts Pub, a high volume college bar.
I already knew how to have fun behind the bar because I have always looked at it like a stage.( I m a musician as well, drums singing and a litte guitar, which by the way Marc and Marcin play very stiff air guitar.)

But because of your company I was able to really take it to a new level. Boston has vey few flair bartenders, even fewer working flair bartenders, and even fewer that can entertain and that really have fun with it. I can (and do) garentee that if somebody comes to my bar that they will have a great time. Because of you after six months I have the confidence right now to be able to walk into any bar and say lets have some fun,(Carnival Court exempt,) Even the Roxy in Vancouver, I m not comparing myself skill wise to anybody there don t get me wrong, but I know that I m fast enough and can have a good enough time to turn a head or two. Hey, I had a good teacher.
I have actually already done a couple of demonstrations for a T.V. station that comes in the bar from time to time. Just some simple working flair moves(X.Y. T.V. a new station, I ll send you a copy when I get one, I haven t seen them yet.)

Plus I m definatley making more money and more of an impact. I would like to leave Big City and move to more of a night club or someplace with more pounding music and now I can walk into anyplace and know in my head that I m the bartender they want, With Confidence, not Additude). I Just need to do a better job of putting that across in an interview.( What is your advice to combating a city with a club scene that is mainly interested in highering good looking girls that can t bartend very well?) While I m asking questions what is your opinion on the flair devils training program, I have The Christian Delpech video and it doesn t seen as focused on fundamentals as much as the moves themselves, same thing with the flairco video. Don t worry I ve made my decision about which company I like best, but I was curious about the others.
Any way sorry for the long e-mail, I m sure you get them all the time, but I just wanted to let you know how much you have helped me and how far I ve come.

If you had bought these videos from a company in Boston and put in the time that it take to master these moves. sooner or later you would want to fly out and meet these guys and have them check up on your progress and to let you know of the good and the bad. If you had the Michael Jordan basket ball tape, you would want to meet him.
Anyway I had a great time, Marc and Marcin were great, Micah was great as well(gave me a ride back to the hotel from the Roxy) and so were you and your mom, She had me set up with guest passes before I even stepped off the plane.
Scott, Thankyou so much,

      -- Raji Pine ( Boston )
We at Legends Western Cabaret recently got the 4 pack of extreme dvd videos and are we ever impressed..... My manager Robin and I have been practising for a couple of weeks and it s all starting to come together now. It s flattering to hear the customers asking us to do the Tom Cruise thing . Already we re getting people coming in to the bar telling us that they d heard of us and wanted to see something Cool . Robin and I were both getting a little bored with bartending and now it seems like we could do this for many more years...tips have also gone up(thanks). Thanks for making the videos and offering them for sale, just can t watch them enough. Please let me know if your going to be making a new video or if your going to be in or around Edmonton area for any shows....it d be great to see you live in action. Once again thanks......got to go practise.
Kevin Legends Western Cabaret
Cold Lake AB.
      -- Kevin Little
Greetings from Finland!
I got my flair bartender training video series on dvd a week ago and I have to
say that I am very pleased with them. They show lots of
good moves and tricks.

The moves are very useful and I can use them when I am working although here in Finland is very strickt alcohol law. For example, no free pouring. Anyway keep up the good work and special thanks to Mark Mital for his outstanding trainers skills.
      -- Timo Makela ( Finland )

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