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If you don't entertain your customers...someone else will


Flair Bartending School TV Interview  For over 15 years, our Flair bartending school has provided the best training for flair bartenders around the world.

  The Flair bartending school features a 22 step flair bartender training program that will show you the flair  bartending tricks that will entertain your customers and put tips in your pocket.

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 22 Steps to becoming a “Full Package” Extreme Flair Bartender – Create a Better Guest Experience

  • 2 - 5 Days of intensive Flair Bartending School At Your Bar

  • 10 Days of Flair Bartending Tricks After Seminar Practice Plan

  • Then it’s Test Time :)                                       

Flair Bartending School Training Seminar

Vancouver Flair Bartender Training Seminar

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If you don’t entertain your customers…Someone else will 


Flair Bartending gives your customers a reason to come to your bar, stay longer, spend more money,
Tip well, and tell all their friends about what a great time they had!

Flair Bartending School has been featured in almost 400 TV interviews, Magazines and Newspaper Articles
Nightclub and Bar Magazine says Scott Young and his Extreme team are the:
“World’s Leading Ambassadors of the Flair Bar Arts”
Flair Bartending team has performed flair demonstrations and trained staff at:

  • Playboy Mansion   
  • 14 Countries         
  • 9 Provinces in Canada
  • 27 States in USA

Flair Bartender School Testimonials                          

Our flair bartending school clients include:


It’s Not just for Bartenders!  We’ll train your entire staff to create a Better Guest Experience.

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On-Site Flair Bartending School
We come prepared to offer your staff a 10 day Flair Bartending Challenge. We provide a complete Flair Bartending School Training, Testing and Rating System that you can use to rate your bartenders, by the numbers, yourselves. Flair Bartenders who score high on our tests are plain and simply a more valuable employee to you.

Flair Bartending School Training Seminar

We supply EVERY student with…. $155 Worth of Training DVD's and a Training Manual

1) 135 Page Student Manual - Jam packed with over 18 years of Flair Bartending and Training Experience from around the Globe from the # 1 Flair Bartender Training School in the World.
Includes: 10 day After Seminar Practice Plan; 

“How to prepare for the 10 day Flair Bartending Challenge Tests and Rating“

2) DVD Box Set- Working Flair Starter Series- $119.95 Value


This 2 DVD Package Has the Content of 5 FULL LENGTH training Volumes/Videos
7.5 hours of Step by Step and Slow Motion Flair Bartending Instruction

Learn 240 flair bartending moves.
Listen to our Team discuss each move and talk you through it as we demonstrate it 5 times.
It's like we are actually right there with you, coaching and giving you our secrets.

3) DVD How To Be The Life of The Party - $34.95 Value

3 Hrs of No Risk Party Games, Bar Tricks & Challenges, Riddles, Puzzles and Brain Teasers

TESTS - So you have accountability of good our training was and which students excelled

Use these tests 10 days after we leave and then every few months to make sure the standards you set, are met for every guest served.

4) Written Test and Answer sheets for Bar Mgr. -

5) Practical Style of Personality Test - Conversational Role Playing behind the bar ( A REALISTIC situation so it actually means something )

6) Practical Flair Bartending Performance Test - Memory Sequence of moves and Actual Performance

All the tools are included in our program.
Your people will succeed, IF, they give 10 days of focused practice with our proven system.

Plus we give you a whole lot more:

  • Rewards for every student who EARNS them
  • Flair Starter Kits - Bottle and Tin and DVD's – “Special Student Prices”
  • Consultation on your Bar systems and Set up
  • Free “Tips For Managers and Owners” Booklet.

Flair Bartending School Training Seminar                                                                                                                   Vancouver Flair Bartender Training Seminar

We will go above and beyond and do everything we can to help your flair bartenders become exceptional. 
Thank you for considering Extreme Flair Bartending School. You won’t be disappointed.  Scott Young

Extreme Bartending is the best bartending school for flair bartending tricks. Our bartender schools teach flare bartending tips, bartender tricks and flair bartending tips. Online bartenders guide and flair bartending school.

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