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The GREAT thing about our company is that we get to help support and encourage everybody. No matter what "kind" of bartending contest you're interested in, we're going to point you in the right direction. Whether you're a contestant or a bar / sponsor looking to organize one, we want you to have all the info so you can make the best decision for your goals.

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We want to be the #1 best place to come to find out about bartending contests all over the world. We list any & all bartender contests for free. If you're in one, are organizing one or just know about one, submit your flair bartender competition here.

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Learning About Bartender Competitions

You can begin your education process by reading the "Bartending Competitions are Everywhere" article written by Scott Young and featured in the Feb. 2000 issue of Bar & Beverage Magazine. Next, I highly recommend that you download our "How to Host and Organize an Extreme Bartending Competition" package and take the time to read it thoroughly. If you're thinking of maybe running a bartender competition in your part of the world, it's an immeasurable package that has evolved and improved since 1994. Included in the package is a complete well rounded judging system with forms and hints on how to be a good judge. Other topics included in the package are:

  • How to promote the bartender contest to ensure a big crowd.
  • How to get press coverage.
  • Hints and tips on how to make your bartending event run smoothly.

Most Importantly:

  • Who gets involved in a bartender competition and why?

We encourage you to carefully look at all the bartender contests to find the best one for you and don't forget to always ask questions and make suggestions. Most event organizers are really good people and genuinely hope for specific constructive suggestions to make a contest better!

We suggest you check out our flair bartender competitions links page for up to date information about scheduled competitions.

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