Extreme Bartending the Flair Bartenders Guide to Jokes, Quotes and Mixed Drink Recipes
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I wanted to say thank you to all those at Barsmart for all there help. I just got my first Flairtending job here in Colorado and I would have never passed the auditionn if it had not been for the 4 Extreme Bartending Videos.

I m very excited and I an so so so greatful to all of you. I m really starting to excel at this because of you guys. Keep up the great work.
Please extend my greatings, salutations, and thanks to Scott and his crew.
      -- Sam Valentine Mestas ( Colorado )
Hi Karen,
I am now getting to tape #2 of the Extreme Bartending course, I find myself practicing, with coke bottles while I am at work, or out with friends, just about anything I pick up I will add a flip to it.

Tell Scott I am very impressed with the quality of the tapes,they are some of the best I have looked at. Watching the team perform on tape #4, and the fun they have, I hope that soon I will take the next step and enter the bartending profession. Thanks again for your help.
      -- James
thank you for your flair video tapes. I have learned a lot and broken a lot(but not at the bar) keep up the great work. It has helped me make a lot more money.
      -- Jasson Waters ( Oklahoma )
Dear Scott,
I just wanted to say thank you for creating the Extreme Bartending Video Training Series. I had purchased other videos before I bought the real flair bartending videos that you all have created. Your videos are comprehensive and simple at the same time, making them the best videos on the subject.

You guys have made my tips increase as well as given me a renewed interest in my job and putting the FUN back in going to work. Thanks to you guys I have recently been promoted to a Corporate Bar Trainer for Applebee s. Thank You Again.
      -- Jamie Milici
Hey Scott! I was one of the bartenders you just finish training at
Grand Casino. I just wanted to thank you guys for doing such a great job. The class was awesome (except for the fact of having to be up that early).

You guys did a wonderful job and were great instructors. I hope we can do you guys proud. I, at times, feel like my personality has sunk into an abyss and i think your class will be a wake up call for me to start enjoying myself more and be more of a force/personality at the bars again. I just want to say thanks again.
      -- Terry Fontenot ( Tunica, Mississippi )

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