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Attn: Ryan Boyd
On behalf of the management and staff of Coral Cliff Hotel Jamaica, I would like to extend a big THANK YOU for imparting your skills and knowledge about showtending, as well as bartending. We admire your level of professionalism and consistancy in conducting your sessions.

The bartenders have learnt various new skills, additional principals of bartending and showtending, and are also very enthusiastic about where this level of bartending will take them. We will, in addition, ensure that this new height of bartending is cultivated, until all of our bartenders are proficient with the skill.

Once again, thanks to you and the entire Extreme Bartending Team.
Food & Beverage Manager
Coral City Hotel & Entertainment Resort
      -- Natalia Tugwell-brown ( Jamaica )
From Hawaii with love
Aloha mama & obi one scott,

Thank you for everything. Yes, I had great time in Vancouver. I love the town!
I fall in love with you guys. Scott, you are the Obi one I have been looking for a long time.

I adore you, proud of you and hate you.(of course . ) As bartender, you are so fantastic. I had no idea how to do flipping bottle without you. You made my dream come true. (I dropped full bottle Smirnoff my first year bartending, I never flip since then.)
Also mama, without your support I am nothing. You made me so comfortable. Thank you for your kindness.

Monday I saw my first flair competition. I met Brandon.(He is so nice!) I have long long way to go to be like those guys ,but it s slowly happening. Big thank you to you from bottom of my heart.

      -- Yukie ( Hawaii )
What can I say but WOW!!!?
Dear Scott ,
Let me first say that you did a EXTREMEly ( <--- no pun intended ) .. Ha ha good job in the videos but I am sure you hear that alot but you can never give someone too much credit I believe with a job well done.

I have watched these first series of videos at least 12 times minimum! I am 29 and after getting laid off from two great job I was fed up and started doing this for fun but now I am hooked ! I want nothing more than to do this full time as long as I can I have finaly found something that is nothing like work to me! Needless to say I wish I would have found it sooner but hey better late than never right ? I road BMX bikes and skated for about 12 years and now look at the X-games now I wish I would have stuck with it ( laughing) so I guess this style of bartending is right up my alley ! just like doing tricks on a BMX bike but with bottles I guess .
I talked to your mom on the phone the other day and told her how much I liked the videos and she said I should write and tell you . I have been offered a job in Syracuse new york and will be moving soon from the area I am in now but I would love to come to one of your seminars soon so that is the plan I hope in the near future! If you get a chance give me a call or e-mail me
oh and when I ordered the videos I inquired about them on the site and when they would be here .

I think it was a few hours later I recieved a phone call from you personaly !!! That my friend is what I have thought business should be like and I was Extremely impressed you took the time to do so !!

Thank you for your services and I hope to talk to you soon !
      -- Tommy Pettigrew ( Bowling Green Kentucky )
I enjoyed your seminar. I realize that I have a way to go before becoming a great bartender, but you guys gave us the essential building blocks and for that I thank you! LIAM S. MAYNARD
      -- Liam S. Maynard
My name is Jonathan Herrick. I am not sure if you remember me or not, but I purchased some of your videos a couple of months ago, there was a problem with the shipping and you called me. Anyway, here is my story for you. I bartend at Chili s Bar and Grill in Tampa, FL. A couple of weeks ago, we had the annual Star Bar competition that had a total of 25 teams of 2 bartenders from the closest Chili s. The competition was based in three categories; drink knowledge, pour test, and flair/drink presentation. My partner and I ended up winning the contest coming in second place only in the drink knowledge portion.

I would like to thank you and your team for the great job you do teaching. You all do a great job and seem to have a great time doing it. (The Outtakes are great, haha).
Thanks again for all the help, and tell Mark, Grant, Marcin, and the whole team thanks and some (ok... 99%) of the tricks you do are sick!! Have a great day!

      -- Johnathan Herrick ( Tampa, Florida )

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