Extreme Bartending the Flair Bartenders Guide to Jokes, Quotes and Mixed Drink Recipes
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Thanks for both the shipping and your excellent service....You provide a great service to all bartenders out there.

I will recommend you to everyone who might be interested.
      -- Kenneth Hellem ( California )
Scott,Good work on the new videos, they just get better and better. ...I am going on a world tour through New York in November.

My tips have helped in a big way saving for this trip and you helped me get them.
Administrator Ski Club of Great Britain
      -- Duncan Alderson ( Great Britain )
After only the First Day of His Seminar, Scott and the BarSmart staff taught me an entire new way of approaching my job. That night I went to work thinking of different ways I could make my customers happy.

I made almost $100 more in tips that night than ever before, and to this day have not had a night go anything but smooth.
Thanks Alot Guys
      -- Ron Bate
Hello Scott,My name is Jason Brasher, I m from Winnipeg, Manitoba.I recently participated in the Quest For The Best Bartender competition and am now on the way to Orlando, Florida for the finals.
It is greatly due to the help of your training videos.

A friend of mine asked if I could show him how to flair and with three weeks before the competition,and the aid of the EXTREME VIDEO SERIES,he made it to the top four finalists.

From both of us, I wish to say thank you for creating this series. Without it we would not have made it as far as we did. Thank you for showing us how to bartend with style. All the best,
      -- Jason Brasher ( Winnepeg, Manitoba )
We at Legends Western Cabaret recently got the 4 pack of extreme videos and are we ever impressed..... My manager Robin and I have been practising for a couple of weeks and it s all starting to come together now. It s flattering to hear the customers asking us to do the Tom Cruise thing .

Already we re getting people coming in to the bar telling us that they d heard of us and wanted to see something Cool .

Robin and I were both getting a little bored with bartending and now it seems like we could do this for many more years...tips have also gone up(thanks). Thanks for making the videos and offering them for sale, just can t watch them enough. Please let me know if your going to be making a new video or if your going to be in or around Edmonton area for any shows....it d be great to see you live in action. Once again thanks......got to go practise. Cold Lake AB.
      -- Kevin Little ( Edmonton )

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