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Dear Scott,
We watched all of you seminar and special topics tapes here in Ukraine ans found it very helpful and just COOL!
      -- Michael Goncharov ( Kiev, Ukraine )
I just wanted to say that I just got a job portering and i owe it all to you guys. A huge thanks goes out to Dave Simpson, i d be jobless if you hadnt gone out of your way to help me.

I can learn every kind of glass/bottle trick from you but whats really impressive is how you have gone above your responsibilities to help someone else get a start in this business, which can be really hard with no experience. That s really cool man, and its something I ll now take with me and hopefully get the chance to do the same to someone else down the road.

As well Scott Young. I m really grateful for taking the barsmart course, but whats really amazing is that the course could be taught poorley, with the wrong people teaching it. But you guys do such an incredible job of it. The material is great, but is only as effective as the people teaching it. You guys do a great job and really care about what you do.

I ve been in a few interviews over the last couple of weeks and when asked what this course was like, the majority of the time it wasnt about flipping. i do speak of it, but i definitely stress the fact that the biggest thing i got out of it is how to be a great bartender, and you dont need to flip to do that.

It s all about your attitude and going to work wanting to do the best job you can, wanting people to leave happy, wanting to entertain people. Its about doing one little thing for every customer to make their night special. Its about not settling for being average.

This course really got me excited and energized to excell. So again, a million thank yous to Scott and Dave, and if anyone is contemplating or unsure if this is worth doing, for what its worth, I feel this is the best investment i ve ever....invested in. So go for it, its AWESOME!!!!!!
( side note... )
what got my boss intrigued to hire me:
-on my resume, under a heading of Goals , first thing i wrote was I want to be your next bartender . -straight from barsmarts video How to get the job you want in the service industry
-my boss really needs to get his pub busier, a destination place, and is very interested in what flipping can do for his venue.
who rules? who? oh, yah, dave and scott rule.
      -- Oliver Munro ( Kelowna )
Howzit Scott, I attended the seminar that you held in Las Vegas at National Bartending school. I just wanted to say thanks for teaching me how to be a total professional behind the bar, especially without an attitude and my flipping has come a long way.
So thanks again for your expertise in flairing and extreme customer service.
      -- Landon Oda ( Hawaii )
You can trust these fellas. I went to a seminar they had, and somehow lost a couple of 750ml flair bottles I had brought to practice with. They were totally cool and even sent me two new bottles, to replace the ones that I had lost. I also left them my credit card number, and ordered the videos.

They took care of everything. No extra charges, no hassles. These guys are a truly class act. The bottom line... you can trust them.
      -- Hospitality Michael
I have reviewed the videos ( several times ) and i m very impressed. They are very thourough and easy to learn from. Scott and his team have done a great job putting the series together.

The thing that impresses me the most is Scott himself. The passion he shows for his work and his clear-sighted mind for what this business is all about is a rare thing.
      -- Tord Lyshaugen ( Norway )

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