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1.3) DVD- Disc # 3 --- Bartender & Server Training DVD – 3 Topics - 3 Hours -
----Includes:---- Volumes 7, 8, And 9 ----
flair bartending school and flair bartending tricks


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Over 3 hours on this 1 DVD
DVD Includes: Volumes 7, 8 And 9 of the Bartender & Server Seminar Collection…….

3 FULL LENGTH training Volumes/Videos ( the old VHS videos).

( The original cost of these 3 volumes, if bought separately for $30 each, was $90 ) You just can't beat our prices or the quality of our teaching.

Be a part of a dynamic, interactive seminar with Scott Young and an experienced group of Service Industry people.
The next best thing to being there!
This DVD collection will get you and your entire staff thinking about how to be better at your business so that EVERYBODY MAKES MORE MONEY.

Volume 7 ( 52 Min ) Drinking & Driving- A $29.95 USD Value
-Responsible Service of Alcohol-
View: Bartender Video/DVD clip-Seminar 7 - About This Video

Listen to Highly Experienced Professionals Tell You Their Stories and Opinions

Learn About:
- Important Statistics That Get Your attention
- Obligations of the Bar and the Bartender - You can be held responsible
- Sobering Stories of Overservice and The Consequences of it

- How To Decrease The Bars and The Bartenders Liability
- Early Warning Signs of Intoxication
- Understanding The Law (In General Terms)-The Reasonable Man Theory most North American Laws are based upon
- The Psychology of the Bartender/Intoxicated Customer Situation

- How To Handle a Situation BEFORE it gets bad
- How To Handle Large Groups of Partying Customers
- How To "Cut Someone Off"-Professionally and so they will thank you for it
- What to Do AFTER you've "Cut Someone Off"

- Alcohol Effects at Different Altitudes
- How The World Deals With Drunk Drivers

Volume 8 ( 1 Hour 16 Min ) How to Get The Job You Want In The Service Industry -
- Proven Job Search Techniques- A $29.95 USD Value
View: Bartender Video/DVD clip-Seminar 8 - About This Video

The Skills You Need To Get a Jump On Your Competition

Learn About:
- What Bar Managers Are Looking For
- How Great Bartenders Get an Interview With The Right Person- Very Important
- Common Mistakes Bartenders Make - Never do these things

- How To Dress For an Interview
- How Great Bartenders Stand Out From The Crowd In The Interview
- Small Things That Make a BIG Difference
- Common Interview Questions & Techniques - Be Ready for them

- Questions That YOU Should Ask THEM
- Creating Your Resume - Ways to make sure they remember you
- What To Do The Day AFTER The Interview

Volume 9 ( 1 Hour ) Stories From Behind The Bar- A $29.95 USD Value
- General Advice to Newcomers-
View: Bartender Video/DVD clip-Seminar 9 - Rookie Stories

Collection Of Interviews With Successful People- Hear How They Did It.

Topics Discussed:
- First Jobs
- Why Did They Choose The Bar/Restaurant Industry?
- What Would You Say to a Manager That's Skeptical About Flair Bartending?

- Rookie Stories- Breaking In/Hazing The NEW GUY
- The Early Days of Flair Bartending and the Company
- Why Do You Want To Be Exceptional?
- Bartending Contests- Why they're good For you to be involved in

- Outstanding Service Stories- Try them and you'll make bigger tips
- Bartender Screw Up Stories- Embarasing moments :)
- What Is The Most Difficult Situation You've Had To Deal With?
- What Is The Most Rewarding Experience You've Had Working in This Industry?

- Filming Day Bar Bloopers
- Strange Bartender Stories

- 20 Min In Depth Talk With Scott Young-
*** Thoughts on being a bartender & why he did
*** Views & Experiences about the industry & how it's changing
*** Who & What Influenced Him When He Was Starting Out
*** How Long Does It Take To Get Good
*** What Makes A Great Bartender


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flair bartending school and flair bartending tricks
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----Includes:---- Volumes 1, 2, And 3 ----
flair bartending school and flair bartending tricks
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flair bartending school and flair bartending tricks

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