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A Change for the Better

Author: BOLS Hotshots
Source: Bar & Beverage Business Magazine

Television changed Marc Mital’s life.  Three years ago – during a break from his bar, the winner in this year’s Bar & Beverage Working Flairbartender competition reports that a show featuring Scott Young of www.extremebartending.com and flair bartending inspired him to attended Scott’s next session.  “Two months later I was in my first competition,” says Mital.  Today, Mital is barman at Vancouver’s The Roxy, one of the country’s busiest bars.  To keep in full flair form, Mital practises his moves tow to three hours a day, “this is in addition to my regular shift at the Roxy which is usually five to seven hours,” he says, adding that competition is important in bartending.  “If you want to succeed you have to practice steadily.”

Date: April 8th, 2005

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