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Vancouver bartenders put a new spin customer service

Author: Trevor Lysek
Source: Fairview Post

Twisters Bar would probably be considered an unlikely place to have a classroom.  However, that’s exactly what it became when Scott Young and Brad Thompson came to teach Extreme Bartending to a small group of 15 able bartenders.


Young and Thompson hail from The Roxy in Vancouver, B.C., and are a part of the Bar Smart team, a group of experienced extreme bartenders that travel all over to perform seminars, compete in competitions and simply tour across the glove to show off their talents.


Young owns the company www.extremebartending.com  which sells its own videos & DVD'S on performance bartending teaching the flashy tricks of the trade.


The twosome went over many important topics of a bar’s image, the best way to deal with customers, making your bar stand out and dealing with everyday problems.


The extreme bartending portion of the program, called “flipping” in the industry, is just another attraction to add to a bar’s image and may possibly keep customers coming back.


“With the two-day course we like to teach the flipping part but more on fundamentals,” said Thompson.


“Flipping is what you can use but it’s not bartending.  It’s best making sure the customer leaves happy and tells their friends.”


It’s something to people coming back.”


Much like a professional chef fully preparing a savory dish, Young brought the art of making a drink down to an art, breaking down all the parts of a drink n order to jazz it up that much more.  Everything from ice, straws, garnishes, and presentation can be used to liven up a bar serving style so the customer isn’t just “getting a drink.”


And don’t even think that bartending of this style is reckless and wet.


“One of our big rules is that spillage is not acceptable,” says Thompson.  “For every trick you do you have to consider the risk.”


“If you drop your tools, people don’t care about you.”


While the tricks that Young and Thompson do are more advance, sometimes involving fire, balancing glasses and bottles on their hands and swinging two bottles with both hands, even small tricks will leave an impression.


“The world’s starving for entertainment,” Thompson said.  “We want them to come to drink and have fun.”

Date: April 8th, 2005

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Scott Young, President and Head Instructor Bar Smart Inc.