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The best, bar none

Author: Staff Reporter
Source: Winnipeg Free Press

We’ve seen some extreme drinkers in our day.


But we never heard of “extreme bartending” until our recent chat with Scott Young, the Vancouver bartender who’s coming to Winnipeg later this month to teach other barkeeps and members of the hospitality industry how to become a mixologist with moxie.


Think Tom Cruise, the cocky kid with all the right mixing moves in the 1988 movie, Cocktail.


Or the bouncy barmaids who slung slings so sexily in Coyote Ugly.


“It’s about being exceptional behind the bar, taking customer service to the extreme,” says Young, who is bringing his two-day Extreme Bartending seminar to Canad Inns, Polo Park, on November 26 and 27.


“Picture your bar as your house and you’re having a house party.  Our slogan is: have more fun than anyone else and serve drinks with style.”


When a brusque bartender pops the cap off a brewski and slides it down the bar in your general direction, he/she has NOT served with style.


But, if said server delivered your club soda via Young’s Behind-the-Back-Fastball-Pass and juggled the limes before cutting one up in mid-air and flicking a slice into your glass – blindfolded?  That’s style.  “We’ll teach you how to throw bottles in the air, how to flip glasses and straws,” Young says.  “Anything can be thrown.  You should be able to do something cool with everything in the bar.”


But, he adds, all those fancy moves to move spirits can’t be too free-spirited.


For instance, as you may recall, not all of the contents of Cruise’s projected potables stayed in the glass.


“In both of those movies (Cocktail, Coyote Ugly), there’s an exorbitant amount of spillage,” Young says.  “We teach you how to do it without spilling or breaking glasses.”


Judging by his credentials, Young, reigns among professional pourers.


The 33-year old founder of Bar Smart and www.extremebartending.com - the “busiest, most complete bar web site in the world” – has been taking his seminars across Canada and to places like Jamaica, Denmark and New York for the past nine years and has sold his videos in 60 different countries.  (He says there’s a book on the way, too.)


The international Flair Bartenders Association gave him an award at its recent Legends of World Bartending Championships for having “the most impact internationally as a trainer.”


Young says the kind of training he provides is especially important today, given the competitiveness – and quick turnover – of the bar industry, and the fact that what once “just a job” has become, for many people, a career.


“Those who have skill can do exceptionally well.”


In addition to training in throwing and tossing barware – don’t worry, you’ll learn on plastic – the upcoming seminar will also cover how to make more tips and how to handle the extreme drinkers we mentioned earlier.


Young’s Extreme Bartending seminars – two full days – is $225.  For more information, call Canada Inns, Polo Park at 775-8791.

Date: April 8th, 2005

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Scott Young, President and Head Instructor Bar Smart Inc.