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Hitting the Bar with Flair

Author: Deanna Scott
Source: The Chronicle

Scott Young has extreme grace and co-ordination when it comes to what he does best, but balancing glasses and flipping them high into the air is only a part of what he does.


Young has been a bartender for 12 years and in that time has built his own company www.extremebartending.com to teach people around the world how to do bartending tricks seen in bars and restaurants everywhere.


But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.


When Young isn’t touring the world, showing aspiring bartenders how to do their jobs with more flair, he speaks to high school students about motivation.


He has taken control of his future and his company, Extreme Bartending by Bar Smart, which is taking off on the Internet.


His company www.extremebartending.com teaches performance bartending and customer service excellence, which is a combination of style, entertainment, a sense of humour, and a willingness to provide “extreme service.”  Extreme Bartending is also known as flair, performance, cocktail, ultimate and Olympic bartending.


Young has taught many bartenders in the Lower Mainland, including some of the staff at the Mirage, The Ozone, Fred’s Uptown Tavern, The Roxy, where he works and even Earl’s.


You have to have patients to be an extreme bartender and work well under stress.


“I took a course that promised me to teach me this stuff, but the instructor didn’t know a lot either.  So I built a bar in my backyard and kept pushing the limits.”


Building a makeshift bar paid off.  He has worked a Hot Rods in Honolulu, was presented an award at the Legends of the World Bartending Championship in Las Vegas and has even branched out and modelled for companies such as Levi’s, J. Crew and Hang Ten.


But to be successful you have to have a personable attitude.


Some bartenders get too involved in the tricks and forget about the customers.


“As long as you don’t have an attitude, people are very friendly.”


He proved his good attitude when some hockey players came into his bar.  Pavel Bure sat down at the bar one night along with Trevor Linden and some of the other big-named hockey players.


Scott was doing one of those ticks you would see out of the movie, Cocktail.  Just as the music stopped he dropped a beer on the bar and the bottle spewed out the bubbly, amber liquid all over Bure.


“I said, ‘that will be $4.25’.  Trevor looked at this and laughed and then everybody started to laugh,” Young says.


Humour like that keep customers coming back and it is one thing Young teaches people around the world through his seminars, the book he has written and videos he has created.  It all depends on what level you want to take your skills to.


With all this work there is barely any time for play. 


“It usually gets frustrating because there’s too much to do.”


Young plays gold and surfs when he gets the chance, but he goes home and hibernates with a furry friend.


“Jazzy is a very cool cat.  We hang out together…we purr together,” Young says.

Date: April 8th, 2005

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Scott Young, President and Head Instructor Bar Smart Inc.