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Flipping Bartender Mixes Fire with Booze for Cuba Trip

Author: Mary Frances Hill
Source: Westender

Who:  Scott Young, 29; ten year veteran bartender.  Entrepreneur and founder of www.extremebartending.com, a bartender-training course for freestyle, flair and “extreme” bartending performance skills.


Claim to fame:  Chosen from among country’s top bartenders to represent Canada in Havana, Cuba, at the Havana Club Rum International Bartending Competition this week.  Currently working/performing as a bartender at The Roxy on Granville Street.


Odd jobs:  Tended a bar at Fogg’n’ Sudds, worked as a model for Levi’s jeans; in childhood, ran Kool-aid stands.  “When I was a kid, I went out and collected mail and re-distributed it, but then my mom told me that was illegal.”


Corporate mogul:  Just released the three-video set of Extreme Bartending Video Training series, and has finished writing a Bar Smart guide to bartending, publication pending.


Family ties:  One son, 4; remains close to mom.  “I’ve got a great mom.  We grew up together.  She’s the communications manager for Bar Smart.  And I have a cool cat, Jazzy.  We hang out.”


Look, ma-no hands!:  “I’m preparing a routine for the competition.  I have to mix four drinks, blindfolded, while breathing fire and throwing bottles that are on fire…I work blindfolded only for competitions, it’s very show-off.  It’s not like someone says, I’d like a drink, and I say, “just a minute, I’ll go get my blindfold.”


Brush with fame:  “If you want to meet someone famous, you to The Roxy.  The Canucks come here, Messier and Gretzky come here.  We don’t make a big deal of it, though.”


Jerk alert:  “One thing I like about bartending is you can control the atmosphere.  If there’s a ‘challenging’ person, you can be confrontational, or you can bring them into your confidence, and say ‘you know what, you have to mellow out.’  You gotta give people a break, and the problems go away.”


D’oh!:  “One time Pavel Bure came in with a bunch of guys in suits.  He ordered a Coors light. It was a packed night, and the song ended…just as I accidentally smashed (the bottle) and it soaked him through in his suit.  There was this long silence, so I said, “four seventy-five please.”


And for my first trick:  “We make up moves.  There’s one we call the Wraparound – you balance (the drink) on your shoulder, it slides down your arm, and then you catch it in your hand.”


Hangin’ ten!:  ‘I’m a surfer.  I lived in Hawaii for a year.  I love Vancouver Island, but it blocks the waves.”

Date: April 8th, 2005

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