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Newbie with a dream... (Help please)
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PostPosted: Fri Feb 11, 2005 7:37 am
PostPost subject: Newbie with a dream... (Help please)
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Hello, right now I'm in college, 4 years of schooling are paid for (parents bought some kind of units when siblings + I were born, so we have 4 years of w/e paid for). One brother = electrical engineer, other brother civil engineer, I on the other hand want none of that... I want to own my own bar and be the bartender in it (basically once I've "retired") what I want to get into is bartending for someone else (aka most bartenders). So like so many people that have come through this site (been reading for the past like 2 hours so thought it was time to post [still risky if it's already been covered though lol, and thus I apologize Laughing]) I have questions! I'll list them now so it's easier for someone to respond (if someone would, thanks).
1. Where do I start?! (Canada, Saskatchewan/moving to Ontario [rather live in Ontario or possibly B.C.]) like not business-wise, I looked online and all those damn career things they made us take in high school really never listed bartending (go figure) so I don't even know what's required. I stumbled across something called "serve it right" or something that seems to be exclusive to B.C., what credentials or certificates do you legally need to bartend? Or is it just sort of a thing that if your legal to drink and you know a lot about booze (aka memorized drinks) you can get hired? I've heard a lot about "schools" (aka 40-80 hour courses that supposedly teach you everything you need to know) is this what I should be looking into?
2. I've heard a lot of people taking like 5 day courses and then bartending to supplement them while they are going through college, as well as mainly females getting hired because of looks, is bartending a legitimate job for life? Like could I start by 25 and work until I'm 55? Or is it like an athlete that I top out at 30 and have to find a new career?
3. Is there any danger on the job? (I know it sounds like a dumb Q lol) but like in places where there isn't a bouncer or something is it likely that at some point I'll have to defend myself? Or is that just hollywood influencing my thinking? Shocked
4. Since 4 years of college/university ARE paid for, I'm clearly not going to be an idiot and throw that away to start working now, but is there specific things that I should take or would remotely help me? Like since I want to own a bar, I'm already taking a lot of business classes, but is there other things that help?
5. What about other things besides university? (Goes along with "certificates") like I've read that first aid and what not is an asset, should I get some sort of certificate for emerg. service?
6. Going along with certificates/schools, is there certain "schools" in Canada that are recognized as being like the top bartending schools? Or are there ones online? (are online ones even worth looking at?).

Don't even know why I attempted to put it in list form... Must be like 20 q's packed into the 6 heh... If someone could help me by straight up telling me the answers that'd be sweet (or maybe linking to relavent sites that have info.). The key question I need answered is about what I have to do (credential wise) to get started. You can reply to this (I'll book mark this forum, very informative) or email me straight (or add msn) to markgoudysk@hotmail.com. Thanks for your help Very Happy .
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PostPosted: Tue Mar 22, 2005 3:23 pm
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Hmm - danger - i have managed to smack my head a few times from a flying bottle - but that only happens when im learning new moves!
20 - 2 months of flair and lovin it!
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