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bringing flair to your bar
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PostPosted: Fri Dec 19, 2003 12:11 pm
PostPost subject: bringing flair to your bar
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ok i thought this would be a good post, what are the easiest ways to bring flair to a bar? espeacially with managers that arent keen on it... i have had experiance with this, but as the supervisor i kinda figured what the managers didnt see couldnt hurt them, then when they found out i was doing it without spilling, or breaking, they eventually let me do it whenever i wanted, because before obviously i could only do it when i was incharge that shift. obviously to do it this way, you have to have alot of confidence in your own ability, and dont go too crazy... i never flipped spirits, stayed within my limits, and only did it when i had time, and could focus on it... obviously i begged and pleaded with my bar before i went behind my managers back, and it turned out that the customers loved it....

i remember one time a good group of 3 regulars sat there and were marking what i was doing, by holding up score cards... possibly one of my fondest memories of flair Very Happy

anyway any suggestions and advice would be good to go here

take it easy
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PostPosted: Sun Feb 22, 2004 11:17 pm
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Dont ask your boss. Act like flairin is just somethin you do. Dont say anything. If he tells you to stop, then stop and finish out the shift. After youre done tell him that youre not gonna stop. Tell him that this is what you do and if he dont like it he can fire you. Tell him that he couldnt find anyone better for the job. Act as if youre to proud to stop.
He may have to much respect for you to fire you. Start with simple no risk stuff. Then one day have a bunch of friends come into the bar and when the manager is near start doing things with multiple tins and have your friends start clapping and cheering (but not too much) and hopefully other people at the bar will feed off the energy and so will yuor boss. Have your friends get excited about ordering another drink.
After that, dont ask him if you can turn it up a notch, just do it. His own wisdom will cause him to let you flair.
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